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Author: John Dugan
Every guy has to deal with the occasional sore penis; in most cases, this requires nothing more than a break from any intensive activities. But when a UTI is the cause of the soreness, the care of a doctor is needed.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Unfortunately, acne isn’t always something that men leave in their teenage years. Penile acne is a common, unsightly problem that men of all ages deal with. This article helps clarify whether penis bumps are related to acne and explores options to treat t(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
When a man is inspecting his manhood and finds penis bumps, he may worry that they indicate a major problem. If they are nothing more than pearly penile papules, his anxiety is fortunately unfounded.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
When conducting a regular inspection of his equipment, a man wants to be on the lookout for penis bumps. One kind, known as Fordyce spots, is common but harmless.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Penis bumps, especially those that appear soon after sex, can cause real anxiety. Here’s what to know if they turn out to be lymphoceles.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
When eczema is on the manhood, a red penis may result. But sometimes using corticosteroids to treat the eczema can worsen redness in some men.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Maintaining an appropriate level of penis sensitivity is key to continued enjoyment of sexual activities. Cycling can sometimes create a decrease in penis sensitivity in some men.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Premature ejaculation is an embarrassing and stressful problem, and solutions are not always simple. This article explores this common ejaculation problem and outlines some strategies for overcoming it.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugna
An unattractive penis rash caused by some diabetes medications can derail an otherwise good first impression.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
A penis rash in the middle of the summer ids inconvenient – and can be embarrassing if a guy is caught scratching his equipment. Swimmer’s itch is one possible cause of a summer rash.(read entire article)
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