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Author: John Dugan
Proper penis sensitivity is crucial for optimal enjoyment of sexual activity, bother partnered and solo. To some extent, diet can have an impact on penis sensitivity.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Sometimes a man wants to have a little fun, and that might mean a one night stand. However, there is one surprising fact a man might want to know before indulging.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
A fairly new player on the sex scene is the penis seal, which covers the tip of a guy’s manhood. But does this device provide adequate penis protection to make it useful?(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Men have to make hundreds of decision a day, from the insignificant to the enormous. For some, masturbation lead to making better choices – and have fun in the process.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
A man like to display his erect penis for the admiration of his partners, but varicose veins on the organ can detract from its healthy, manly appearance and cause embarrassment.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
As long as men are obsessed with penis size, they will seek ways to add to their length and girth. Many believe boosting testosterone can help them achieve their size goals.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Some guys get a sore penis from indulging in far too much sex, whether solo or partner-based. But sometimes that results from a condition called RGS, not from a hyper sex drive.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
An itchy penis can be tough to deal with. When penile itching becomes too much to handle even with good penis care, a man looks to other solutions. What about hypnosis?(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
It’s the rare man who never has any penis problems in his life. But men with hemochromatosis – which overloads the body with too much iron – may be prone to such issues.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
There’s a difference between a penis with a little curvature and a seriously bent penis – and sometimes the reason behind that serious bending is called vasculitis.(read entire article)
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