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Author: Nabil kuwar
Hajj Packages provides you with flexible plans which comprise visa bookings, flight tickets, grand accommodation, food and tent bookings. There are several companies in the United Kingdom who offers you these packages and you can avail the best offers fro(read entire article)
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Author: Nabil Kunwar
Getting a cost effective hotel near to where you’re going is of huge benefit to you and also in your means, as you can see from our guide below.(read entire article)
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Author: Larry Coleman
Many people believe that their psychic gift came from their mother or grandmother. This article talks about it in a unique fashion.(read entire article)
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Author: nabil kunwar
Nabil Hajj and Umrah is the UK’s leading Hajj and Umrah service provider offers best Umrah and Hajj packages across Europe.(read entire article)
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Author: Ibrahim Machiwala Lodhi
The word sabab (pl. asbab) means reason or cause, and nuzul means revealed. The term marifah asbab al-nuzul is the knowledge about the reason of the revelation, i.e., knowledge about the particular event and circumstances that are related to the revelatio(read entire article)
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Author: Ibrahim Machiwala
Period: (1885-1958) Virji Kamadia, known as Vira Bhagat was Mukhi of the Junagadh Panjibhai Club. His family’s profession was to cut the stones to be sold in the market. He sustained a close relationship with Wazir Ismail Gangji (1788-1883), from whom(read entire article)
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Author: Ibrahim Machiwala Lodhi
The word sifa'a (pl. sifat) is not found in the Koran, but the verbal noun wasf does appear once in 6:139, and the imperfect of the first form of the verb occurs 13 times in the sense of "to ascribe or uphold a description or to attribute." God has mad(read entire article)
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Author: Steve Cha
If you are looking for the churches within 5 miles of me, then you have come to the right place. Knowing about the churches within 5 miles of me can always guide you in the right direction to attend the local body. entire article)
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Author: Ibrahim Machiwala
According to the Koran: "God chose Adam and Noah and the family of Abraham and the family of Imran above all (His) creatures. Offspring, one from the other"(3:33-34). The word dhurriya means direct descendants, family or lineage. It occurs 32 times in the(read entire article)
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Author: Ibrahim Machiwala Lodhi
"The succession to the Prophet is the key question in Shi'ite Islam, and a principal factor separating them from the Sunni majority. It is seen that the Prophet had nominated Ali bin Abu Talib as his successor by rule of nass (investiture) and nass wa-ta'(read entire article)
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