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Author: Ibrahim Machiwala
"The word ahl al-bayt occurs twice in the Koran: "The mercy of God and His blessing are on you, O people of the house, ..." (11:73). This verse refers to the people of the house of Abraham (Kashf al-Asrar wa Uddat al-Abrar, 4:416), and to the house of the(read entire article)
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Author: Ibrahim Machiwala
"According to Islamic law, the non-Muslims inhabited in the Islamic state were called ahlu dh-dhimmati (people of protection) or simply al-dhimma or dhimmis. They included the Christian, Jewish, Magian, Samaritan and Sabian. Ahl al-dhimma were prohibited(read entire article)
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Author: Ibrahim Machiwala Lodhi
"The word ahl means those who occupy with one the same tent, the family or inmates, relative, folk, kin, kinfolk, family, people, members, followers, etc. Under these meanings, the word ahl occurs 31 times in the Koran. According to another view, it is de(read entire article)
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Author: Ibrahim Machiwala
"Alamut is a historical fortress of the Nizari Ismailis. Its location in mountainous terrain lies about 100 km. Northwest of Tehran, and situated in the high peak of Elburz mountain. Alburz generally was pronounced as Elburz, is the name given to great mo(read entire article)
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Author: Ibrahim Machiwala
Period: (d. 1880) Mukhi Alarakhia Sumar was originally of Mulla Katiar, Sind, but his family came to settle in Bombay. He was an eminent merchant of cloth and sugar. He became Mukhi of the Bombay Jamatkhana soon after the death of Mukhi Alibhai Padamsi i(read entire article)
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Author: Ibrahim Machiwala
"The term lakab (pl. alkab) was also termed nabaz (pl. anbaz), and by form labaz, and later on it became lakab. The ancient Arabs excelled in inventing nasty alkab for their enemies, but the Koran (49:11) forbade them not to use pejorative sobriquets: "Do(read entire article)
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Author: Rodney Lewis
Ramadan is a time of great religious observance for Islamic people. It occurs during the ninth month of Islamic calendar and in 2012; it will begin on Saturday, July 21 and will continue for 30 days until the end of Ramadan on Sunday, August 19.(read entire article)
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Author: Roosy Singh
A psychic reading may surprise you and it will help you connect with your own higher self and see your path ahead more clearly.(read entire article)
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Author: Apostolic Praise
Apostolic Praise Tabernacle exists to glorify God through authentic worship and the proclamation of His Word and seeks to provide a place for everyone to come to know and experience Jesus Christ for themselves in the power of the Holy Spirit.(read entire article)
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Author: JohnJamesPnP
Our world surely needs a redefining of moral and religious values, and the tendency is more and more obvious in people's changing attitudes towards beliefs(read entire article)
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