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Author: John Dugan
A man with a bent penis may in some cases experience painful erections and difficulty with intercourse; it's possible that this condition may indicate a connective tissue disorder.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Accidental penis injuries during oral sex are not uncommon, and they can leave a man writhing in pain. Attention to sensitivity issues could keep them from happening.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Erotic play with a chastity cage is intended to cause discomfort, but often, the penis hurts more than a man bargained for after release. The smart player needs to know how to treat post-release issues.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
While a man may love to play on those hot summer nights, his personal hygiene may get in the way of the romance, unless he pays attention to minimizing penis odor with these simple tips.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
One man's pointed questions about penis health make for a good jump-off point for an article about good habits for penis care.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Couples who are sexually intimate should make it a priority to talk about STI prevention, not to mention birth control. There are numerous types of birth control for couples to discuss.(read entire article)
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Author: Gregg Prescott
The Schumann Resonance is a frequency of sound created between the symbiotic partnership of our world and the cosmos.  Many individuals regard this frequency as rising in dynamics and benevolent to spiritual meditations as well as physical healing.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Many men rely on caffeine for extra energy to fight afternoon fatigue; vitamin B5 provides a healthier burst of energy without the crash. Vitamin B5, happily, also benefits ones sex drive, making it a daily must have.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
In order to keep a mans engine running smoothly, he needs to make and keep regular appointments with his doctor. Learn what health screenings are needed as a man ages.(read entire article)
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Author: John Dugan
Penile cancer is not the most common type of malignancy in men; however, it can be deadly. Knowing the connection between cancer and sexual health can equip men to deal with and avoid potential problems.(read entire article)
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