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Author: Ibrahim Machiwala
"Abu Yaqub Ishaq bin Ahmad as-Sijistani, nicknamed "cotton-seed" (Iranian, panba-dana, Arabic khayshafuj) was born in 271/883 in Bandan, a district in north of Sijistan and was trained in Yamen. He was a great philosopher and scholar and considered to be(read entire article)
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Author: Rabbi Simcha
Rabbi Mattena expounded: What is the deeper meaning of the Scriptural text: “And from the wilderness to Mattanah?” If a man allows himself to be treated as a wilderness on which everybody treads, his study will be retained by him, otherwise it will not. ((read entire article)
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Author: Rabbi Simcha
When Rabbi Abba was studying with Rabbi Shimon, the latter once arose at midnight to study Torah, and Rabbi Elazar and Rabbi Abba rose with him. Rabbi Shimon discussed the verse, “As a hind pants after the water-courses so my soul pants for You, O Lord(Ps(read entire article)
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Author: Rabbi Simcha
Man’s Creator and Guide has made and formed him with the capacity to attain greater insight than the Ministering Angels. According to our Masters of blessed memory, He told them that, “man’s wisdom is greater than yours (Berieshit Rabbah 17).” When man de(read entire article)
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Author: Rabbi Simcha
Wisdom has already been set by the Holy One, Blessed is He, in the hearts of all men, but in order that it might grow, His mouth which sustains it, has to vigorously fan it.(read entire article)
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Author: Rabbi Simcha
Since you now know that it is your duty to contemplate and understand, I will begin to explain the matters which you should contemplate and investigate.(read entire article)
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Author: Rabbi Simcha
You know, of course, that the world rests on the utterance of children’s mouths. Since the Torah gets weaker at times and stronger at times, weakening among mankind owing to sinners and, particularly, the mixed multitude within Israel, as is stated in the(read entire article)
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Author: Mav erunt
"Love" is an indefinable sensation that will come coupled with discomfort and sorrows that contains a indicating of the passionate drive that potential customers to your closing trend of feeling.(read entire article)
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Author: Jeff Golding
Losing your loved ones can be painful especially if it is somebody in your family. Parting can be difficult and most of us would try to find something that will engrave our true feelings for the person forever. Engraved memorial plaques are a great way of(read entire article)
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Author: Kali duniya
Get Your Love, Vashikaran for Love in your life The Vashikaran may be a muddled procedure created from the antiquated time by sages that is used to look at wishes and persuade or organization others by misuse charming force.(read entire article)
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