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Author: John Alex
Once you have a pet cat at home, life can get exciting and fun. Cats are intelligent and quite entertaining. But as a cat owner, you need to take great care of it. You need to be particular about what you are feeding it and in what quantity.(read entire article)
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Author: Colin Fragar
Cats can spend hours grooming themselves, and for the most part, they do a pretty good job. However, there are some occasions that require a date with the bathtub! Bathing a cat can be necessary to help combat a nasty battle with fleas, treat a skin condi(read entire article)
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Author: John Alex
When you decide to bring home a feline companion, you consider a lot of factors before you even step out to the pet store.(read entire article)
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Author: John Alex
Cats are considered the most curious and smart creatures of pets. They always need a lot of interesting activities to stay happy and content. By getting it the right toys, you can keep your cat healthy and happy even when you are away from it.(read entire article)
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Author: Kathlin Smith
After giving birth of a kitten, mother cat takes in instructing her kitten. This is very imperative to wait until your kitten is 12 to 14 weeks old before welcoming him into your home. During this period, mother cat train them how to eat, act and use cat (read entire article)
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Author: amanda tom
People with dogs at home are often worried about planning their vacation. Most of the places (hotels etc.) have a “no pets” policy. The only option is to look for kennels for temporary stay.(read entire article)
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Author: Petar Petrov
Pets can add joy to our life, but if you live with too many cats, then you could find yourself in cat hell! People who live with cats must learn more about them and should know how to provide them with right cat house.(read entire article)
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Author: John Alex
If you are a cat owner, it is important for you to know what grooming is when it comes to your beloved furry friend. It is not just about keeping your cat looking good since it also offers plenty of health benefits for your friend.(read entire article)
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Author: Johan Robinson
Pets are lifelines of their owners. People who adopt a pet never ever wish to lose their adorable companions and wants them to live a healthy and long life.(read entire article)
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Author: David Beverly
Harrisonburg Veterinary Emergency Clinic provides the most appropriate care, with the most advanced diagnostic technology, and the safest surgical protocols. No matter where you come from, their clinic will always treat your pet with utmost care and affec(read entire article)
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