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By: Angelo Everton
The specialty of antique style rings is these rings come with a lot of fretworks paired with tiny precious stones. These rings became popular in the Victorian era (in between 1837 and 1901) and became obsolete with changed times. This type of old-fashioned ring is an example of reproduction jewelry which has actually caught on the Victorian essence and has earned high accolades from the jewelry lovers across the states.

Reproduction or Victorian Style Jewelry-the terms have been coined to imply that the old style of that era has been reproduced. From gleaming collar pins to elegant pendants, from gold made solid scarf pins to beautifully crafted bracelets, you can find everything you long craved for if you go online or visit a store to find this type of jewelry.

The modish old-style inspired jewelry comes in various colors like rose or pink gold, yellow gold and white gold variants. The reproduced pieces of jewelry are sold at high prices in the market because of the ever-increasing market price of gold itself. These jewelry pieces are not large pieces of jewelry but depict an extremely elegant look. This elegance is actually gifted by fine cutting of gold. These curled gold jewelry pieces are quite fragile so the jewelry items are to be handled with utmost care. Though these pieces come cheaper, it’s hard to not fall in love with these antique pieces.

Gold plated bracelets, gold plated pins and old-fashioned bracelets are paired with red ruby, fresh water pearl or blue sapphire. These items actually mimic the old jewelry styles. Red rubies and blue sapphires were quite popular in the late 19th century. These gemstones used to serve as alternatives to diamonds till 1910. Gold wedding bands used to come paired with fresh water pearls or red ruby. A tiny but beautiful gem was often studded on the clasp of a heavy gold necklace chain. The matching colors of the gems and the necklace never used to matter during the Victorian era. The gold necklace chains used to serve various purposes.

The Victorian style reproduction jewelry items are great gifts for young people. The next generation is increasingly falling for this type of jewelry. The tiny pins and the elegant necklaces made of gold are of high quality. As a result, people are choosing these items to use with their work attire. Cluster pins, gold plated scarf pins, golden collar pins are widely being used by the young people around. This way, their appearance is escalated to a smarter stratum. Young women are also increasingly choosing the retro way. They are attaching small gold plated scarf pins into their hair. These gold plated pins can also be attached with backpacks and stockings.

The antique style rings have perfectly depicted the Victorian era jewelry style and are quite romantic. These rings can be great gifts for a wedding or engagement. Plus, the rings can help the wearer to look back at the glorious history of Britain. These retro jewelry items can really conjure the historian in you. Old is still gold!
Choose from a wide range of finely crafted reproduction jewelry here. Buy antique style rings and many more to fulfil your dream.

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