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By: Belinda Hadden
Fake diamonds jewelry is the secret of the super rich. Even those who can afford it are faking it. Frequently hailed as the finest quality fake diamond jewellery on the market, Heavenly Necklaces offers an impressive collection of man made diamond rings and jewellery.

The “Fabulous Fakes” is a collection of contemporary and antique designs which are totally authentic. Bought by celebrities and Royalty they frequently pass as the real thing. The quality of the design and materials renders them imperceptible fakes. Choose from a discreet pair of studs, a “diamond” tennis bracelet or a delicate fake diamonds necklaces or perfect little pendant. Nothing too ostentatious or too “bling” and everyone thinks you are wearing the real thing.

These designs look a million dollars but costs a fraction, so no hearts are broken if they are lost or stolen. “I wear “Fabulous Fakes”. My bank now charges £30 a time to take out the real stuff. This beats insuring it, taking it back, worrying about it...” (Lady P in Scotland)

All jewellery in the Fabulous Fakes range from Heavenly Necklaces is made from cubic zirconia stones beautifully set in Sterling Silver plated in rhodium: a precious metal that is more expensive and pure than platinum. It makes silver stronger, and it protects allergy-prone wearers from the nickel in silver, and prevents the silver from tarnishing.

Notes to Editors
Heavenly Necklaces was founded by Belinda Hadden after she started making pieces for friends. She saw a gap in the market and an opportunity for good quality fake diamonds jewelry at an affordable price. She has since built Heavenly Necklaces into a global on-line business, with a loyal following of celebrity clients and the ability to ship all over the world.
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