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By: Richard Harry
Reggie’s Roast Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee has been producing gourmet coffee since the early 1990’s. The company offers a variety of blends and flavors including Peaberry Coffee and the most popular blend, Jamaican Blue Mountain. Although the premium coffee company’s origins are from Jamaica, it has coffee roasters domestically in Linden, New Jersey where the best coffee beans are produced. It is a misconception that coffee is not good for your body. Besides tasting great, there are so many benefits to drinking a cup of coffee. What are they?

Coffee positively affects a person’s brain. It is considered a brain stimulator. After drinking a cup of coffee a person enhances their motivation and alertness. Also, mental fatigue is decreased. The caffeine in coffee heightens concentration as well. Research has shown that by drinking coffee a person is protecting the onset of Alzheimer Disease. Sometimes, coffee even puts a person in a positive mood. Another part of the body that coffee benefits is your heart. Flavonoids are antioxidants found in coffee that help to prevent cardiovascular disease. By having these compounds it is reducing the chance of a heart attack or stroke. Other diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease have been proved to decrease by drinking coffee. Not only does Reggie’s Roast Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee taste good, it is beneficial to your brain and heart.

Besides helping your brain and heart, coffee also has many other benefits. The caffeine in coffee is an appetite suppressant and may help a person lose weight if combined with exercise and diet. Certain antibacterial are found in coffee beans that fight against organisms in your mouth that create cavities. Coffee is also good for the world’s economy. It is the 2nd most traded item in the world and helps many nations economy that grow the best coffee beans. Without coffee, economies may cripple. Reggie’s Roast premium coffee and coffee in general is helping economies worldwide.

Those are just a few of many benefits of premium coffee. Many people don’t know just how good coffee is for you. Gourmet coffee companies like Reggie’s Roast Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee are benefiting people every day not only through the coffee’s rich taste. Next time you have a cup of blue mountain coffee keep in mind all the benefits that it is giving your body.

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