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By: JakeRuston
Many folks don't notice that most bonsai plants are out of doors plants. To correctly cultivate and maintain most bonsai trees they shouldn't be kept within but should be outside year round. These are from hotter climates and are typically non-traditional species like palm trees. However if you are keeping conventional local bonsai trees in the US then possibilities are that tree must be outside. Most of the people don't realize how significant it is for these trees to be wintered outside in a natural climate. For your tree to have a natural and healthy growing cycle it is vital for it to have this period of winter dormancy.

To give your plant this mandatory period you'll need to winter it someplace outside. The only way to do this is to take away the tree from it's container and plant it in your yard.

In most local trees the roots are the part of the tree that is most delicate to the cold.

Most plants will start experiencing root damage at roughly twenty-three degrees Fahrenheit. To help dodge root damage you'll need to take the plant out of its container and then bury it in the yard or garden. If you bury the plant so the bottom branches are just hardly exposed this should help keep the roots below the frost line. In the winter days the sun could cause the plant to lose it's water and the frozen roots may not be able to replace it. If you don't have a yard to plant the tree in for the winter you can employ an enormous container. A giant container about the dimensions of a plant crate should be enough. And set it somewhere outside where will be exposed to natural elements. If you employ a container it is urgent that you monitor the soil moisture closely and don't permit it to dry out. You may also winter your tree in an attic or garage so long as it isn't heated and has windows. You may still have to water the plant almost everyday if you select this technique. You can prepare your tree for it's winter storage as quickly as the last leaves have fallen off. At that point the plant is asleep and prepared to be moved. In the spring you can remove it from the yard and place it back in a container as quickly as you see the 1st buds appear. If you permit your plant to winter inside they'll bud early. When they bud early the days will continue to be too short for proper expansion and the leaves will have long openings between them.

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