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By: Richard Harry
There are many words for consumers to use to describe their coffee. These words may include fresh, authentic, or gourmet coffee. One individual may look into where it was grown, or the brand name of coffee. Coffee fanatics may look into how their bean is produced and cultivated. One of the most well developed growth processes for coffee can be found in looking at how Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is grown. So what is the big deal?

The first way to see what the big deal is, is to look at how these coffee beans are produced. One of the most established brands of Blue Mountain coffee is Reggie’s Roast. The owner of Reggie’s Roast owns and operates two farms in Jamaica cultivating Blue Mountain coffee. With the way these coffee beans are grown, it is necessary for their plantations to be located in elevations between 2000 to 5000 feet high. There are a variety of techniques to grow coffee but make there are special methods for Blue Mountain coffee. Besides just pulping, washing, drying, and aging the coffee beans for six weeks, there are specific hand-picked methods for bean treatment. For instance, it is important to grow Blue Mountain coffee in sunlight. When coffee is grown under a shade, it lowers the nutrient value of the bean. The primary nutrients necessary to make it a premium coffee are nitrogen, potassium and phosphate. Especially with nitrogen, it is important to push the growth rate of the bean in order to result in stronger quality of the taste.

If you are not convinced on the big deal by the production, let us look at the impact of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee on a prevalent coffee retailer. In looking for change from the dull taste of bland java, a coffee fanatic can turn to Blue Mountain Coffee for its exotic appeal. In Fall 2010, Starbucks began trial run with Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee to its consumers looking to diversify their selection on their premium coffee. The results showed great merit and appeal. With the amount of buzz this caused, this year Starbucks has made Jamaican Blue Coffee available to the public on July 12th, 2011. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee can be sold as package of whole bean coffee to make at home or to purchase in store a single cup. The package price for Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is thirty dollars for a half a pound bag. The price for a single cup of this gourmet coffee is $4.50.

So I repeat the question, what is the big deal about Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee? The final word it boils down to is quality. The specific treatment that this gourmet coffee is harvested in and the public feedback from the consumers clearly demonstrates that this is the best coffee bean to try. The customer loves the taste of high quality coffee. The way to taste quality is to try Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.

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