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By: Richard Harry
Reggie’s Roast has been creating gourmet coffee since the early 1990’s. The business does both farming and roasting using the best coffee beans to create their Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. Location of farmlands in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica is what makes Reggie’s Roast so unique. The owner and founder of the company, Dr. Reggie Chungloy, was raised in Jamaica, very close to the Jamaican Blue Mountain region. Years later, while living in New York City, Reggie dreamed to bring Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee to the United States. Shortly after, Reggie’s dream came true when he acquired a coffee farm in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Reggie’s Roast has been producing the best coffee beans due to the rich soil, cool climate, and specific elevations of the mountains ever since. Reggie was still not content, he recognized that he needed to give back to the farmers of the Blue Mountains.

Operation Giveback is a program set up by Reggie Chungloy in order to improve the overall well being of the coffee farmers and residents of Jamaica. The mission of Operation Giveback is to provide health care and educational opportunities to the farmers and their families. Reggie does this by committing a certain percentage of profits for the residents of Jamaica. Annually, a team of doctors in the Blue Mountains administers medical examinations. Reggie believes that this will help to recognize any illnesses and educate the residents of the Blue Mountains. Over the years, Operation Giveback has given medical exams to over 500 farmers and their families. Reggie feels this is necessary because the farmers help to produce premium coffee that we have the luxury to enjoy.

Reggie’s Roast is not the only company giving back to the Jamaican Blue Mountains. The business has collaborated with both Air Jamaica and the Cedar Valley Primary and Junior High School in efforts to improve the well being of the residents. Reggie’s Roast and Air Jamaica teamed up to spread the awareness of Breast Cancer. The duo set up a Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Jamaica. During this period, monetary donations and materials were given to local surgeons in order to save the lives of breast cancer patients. The second collaboration with the Cedar Valley Primary and Junior High School (CVPJHS) was created to assist with a literacy project. The projects main goal was to increase the level of education and literacy of the children. This goal will be reached by the use of technical electronics and specialized educators. Reggie has stayed loyal to his homeland, giving back to those who help create the worlds best Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

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