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By: Richard Harry
Reggie’s Roast is known for the their original gourmet coffee grown from the Jamaican Blue Mountains. Many believe that this is the only source of Reggie’s coffee blends, which is a common misconception. Reggie’s Roast has a variety of Jamaican Blue Mountain blends, featuring the finest coffee from around the world such as Papua New Guinea, Kenya AA, Guatemalan Antigua, and even the extremely rare Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry.

One of the most desirable Jamaican Blue Mountain blends from Reggie’s Roast is the Blue Papua, which features both Jamaica Blue Mountain and Papua New Guinea Sigri A. There is quite an extensive history behind coffee from New Guinea, which begins in 1937. During this year coffee seeds were imported from the Jamaican Blue Mountains region, beginning the islands coffee cultivation. Currently, New Guinea coffee still shares similar characteristics with Jamaican Blue Mountain. Typically coffee beans are grown on the eastern half of the island and are wet processed. The New Guinea coffee growing region offers an abundance of rain and a cool crisp climate that creates some of the most delicious coffee beans. Reggie’s Blue Papua can be described as having broad flavor with a classic sweetness, making for a delightful premium coffee.

One of Reggie’s most popular imported gourmet coffees is the Kenyan AA. Kenyan coffee has been known as one of the top coffees in the world for years. The coffee beans are grown in the Mount Kenya region in high altitudes. The balanced climate and full-bodied volcanic soil are responsible for the distinct taste in Kenyan coffee. The Kenya AA blend has bold flavor with a smooth aftertaste that is often compared to wine.

The Peaberry coffee blend offered by Reggie’s Roast is very rare. This blend comes from the Jamaican Blue Mountains where Reggie owns two farmlands, each providing our customers with some of the best coffee beans available. The Peaberry coffee bean differentiates itself from other coffee beans because it only has one half, whereas normal coffee beans have two. These Peaberry coffee beans need to be hand picked and sorted. A little below 5% of coffee beans picked are Peaberry beans making them extremely rare. Peaberry Coffee is one of Reggie’s premium coffees.

Some of the most well known coffees in the world come from Guatemala. Reggie’s Roast proudly offers Guatemalan Antigua to our customers, and features it in some of our Jamaican Blue Mountain blends. Guatemalan coffee is popular in the United States due to its location. The factors that make Guatemalan coffee beans amongst the best are their rich soil, climate, and altitude. The Guatemala Antigua blend of coffee is known for its great balance and smoothing aroma.

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