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By: Russ Snapper
Before preparation of the mushroom compost, mushroom spawn should be prepared and has to be kept under the barren conditions. It is an important strategy that has to be adopted without fail and hence one should not forget this task.

When the mushroom compost purchased directly from the shops or the farms, a hard top with a stuff of white powder can be seen through out the compost mix. This mixture of mushroom compost needs some correction to spread it easily and for the quick break down.

Usage of mushroom compost in a proper manner is necessary for the cultivation of the medicinal mushrooms or the edible mushrooms. Of all, mushroom cultivation is a difficult one. A good harvest of mushroom can be done only by the hard working farmers. The most vital components that are required for the superior mushroom compost are the pasteurization and the sterilization. When compared to the others, the contamination risk is more in the mushroom crop growing.

The ingredients required for the preparation of the mushroom compost are the straw hay, cultivation trays, corncobs chicken or the manure of horse, gypsum, steam machine, compost bin and the mushroom spawn

For preparation of the vegetable based compost, the corncobs need to be crushed. Then the same has to be mixed with the hay, straw and the gypsum. For the preparation of the manure based compost, gypsum and the manure has to be mixed well.

The base of the compost has to be put in the compost bin and to be left on the sunlight for a period of 2 or 3 weeks to get it decomposed completed. Now the bin has to be covered with a plastic or the tarp to enable the compost to get heated and the organic materials to get decomposed.

The steam has to be pasteurized on the compost indoors. The sterilized rooms with the ventilation has to be used for allowing the steam to blow inside the room till such time the room gets heated to an approximate of 1600.

Now the compost that is pasteurized has to be placed on the trays and the preferred mushroom spawn has to be mixed to it. Then the tray has to be covered with the peat moss. The mushroom compost now has to be kept inside and the humidity and the temperature of the room has to be controlled. In the absence of contamination, the growth of mushroom can be expected within 30 days.

A quality mushroom can be grown with the help of the manure of the horse. The same can be purchased from the shops or in the case of the fresh manure 20% of wet straw has to be added and to be left outside in the heap. After some hours, the heap’s centre will become hot. The process has to be repeated and it has to be kept moist. When it achieves the rotten position, the centre of the heap will not become hot.

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