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By: Indiamart
Shortage of time to spend in kitchen, increased traveling per person, work from home and increased entertainment time etc are some recent changes in common person's life. Sensing this trend, many manufacturers offer milk based products to make the livings easier. Soya powder and kadai paneer are the main products, which are gaining popularity among all the masses.
Soya milk powder gets dissolved well in cold water and produces a light color thick beverage. Its physical structure is chalky. The taste organization raw powder is not so good to be used as dry. It is being used widely to improve the strength of homemade soya milk. It is perfect milk substitute for cooking variety of dishes. It doesn't have cholesterol. Saturated fats are also very low. It has no lactose; therefore, it is very useful for the lactose intolerant people or the persons who are allergic to natural cow milk. Soya milk powder can be made plain or flavored. Some brands offer it as a body supplement also.
Although it is available in the market since a long period but its common social recognization is still low. It is available only in leading stores; if you want it in bulk, you may order directly to the manufacturers. Water, soya beans, raw sugar, sea salt, flavour, tri-calcium phosphate, vitamins E, B2 & B12 are commonly found ingredients. Soya milk powder is easier to store and carry. Soy powder is cheaper than packed soy milk.
The other popular north Indian dish is kadai paneer. It is basically a Paneer dish made in spicy tomato gravy. Paneer, capsicum, coriander (dhania) seeds, red chillies, dried kasuri methi, chopped ginger, tomatoes, chopped coriander, salt and ghee etc are the main ingredients that you need to make it at home. It used to be purely North Indian but now it is available in all the restaurants across the country. The taste depends upon the methods of cooking and quality of spices. However, if you don't have time to spend in kitchen, even then you can enjoy your lunch or dinner with it. Kadai paneer is available in variety of readymade pack. Just mix it in hot water and be ready to lick your fingers.

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