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By: NickyWalker
At the beginning of the list is a quite new percussionist, some can say that he isn't really a punk percussionist and more of a metal one but I differ, it's true that he's fond to slow it down and do his metal fills but at heart he's truly a punk rocker-
Steve Jocz -AKA "Stevo"Born on July 23, 1981. Steve is best recognized for his drumming in the Canadian pop punk group Sum 41. A fantastically fast and tight percussionist, he can switch the atmosphere of a song immediately. Only one of the small amount of punk drummers that can play cheesy metal rolls and get away with handling it. He is also renowned for his toilet humour which is a definite indicator of punk maturity/immaturity- you call it!
Travis BarkerBorn November 14, 1975. Perhaps most recognized for his drumming in Blink 182 he's also banged away for numerous other bands. Travis sits in at number 4 not only as for his intense speed and timing but also for his broad collection of styles from Hip-hop to Punk, Country to Pop.
Tré Cool (real name Frank Edwin Wright III)Born on December 9, 1972. He is 1 of the original (pretty much) 3 piece that are Green Day. Bending a lot more to the pop part of punk as a percussionist, Tré certainly helped Green Day reach the worldwide audience that thrust them to megastars. If he been just an extra, high speed, uninspired drummer the group could have toiled to allure such a substantial market.
Josh FreeseBorn Christmas Day, 1972. He is best recognized for his drumming in The Vandals but is capable of listing numerous other bands and achievements. A high speed percussionist he can also slow it down and merge with the finest and has played for Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson and Guns N' Roses as if to demonstrate the point. His solo records can also present a deliberate, more refrained drumming manner proving that speed isn't everything however for my part I prefer the Vandals noise.
Erik Sandin-AKA "Smelly"Born July 29, 1966. He is the enduring percussionist for NOFX. He was a founder member of the group but departed 2 years later in 1983. In 1986 he was persuaded to re-join the group but suffered from heroin addiction until 1992 when thankfully he booked into a rehabilitation centre and has been off the drugs constantly since. Whilst he may not be the top of many people's list, for anyone that understands the perfection of NOFX then there is no rival.

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Even though Nicky has matured (a little) and uses his hours working for services, he is an enormous fan of punk. His hair's a fair bit more sensible nowadays too.

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