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By: Adam Boulton
People interested in learning or playing guitar should first decide on the type of guitar he is going to play with. The decision for the acoustic guitar or the electric guitar has to be taken based on the situation he is going to play. Although the playing basics in the guitar are the same in both the types there are minute differences between the two.

The non-electric or the acoustic guitars can be played without an amplifier or the power supply. The body appearance of this type of guitar is very thick and unfilled. The sound hole is placed on the body below the strings. When the guitar is played the sound is vibrated in the guitar’s body and can be comfortably heard by all. These guitars are sold in the market in various sizes. Some of them are baby jumbo, jumbo, concert and classical. Sound resonation produced with the help of the strings depends mainly on the size and the body of the guitar. Here again, the strings in the guitar are also of two types namely nylon strings and steel strings.

The body shape of the acoustic guitar is of two types. The very popular one that is demanded by most is the dreadnought which comes without any cut in the place of the body where the neck joins. This permits easy access for the greater frets.

The electric guitars do not have sound holes under the strings. Alternatively, it has got pick ups that identify the sounds produced from the strings and pass the signal with the help of a patch cord to the power or the amplifier when the guitar is played. In general the body of the electric guitar is solid. There are also some designs which come with hollow body. Female plug in is available on these electric guitars for the function of the patch cord.

These guitars cannot be played without an amplifier and if it played without it, the sound cannot be heard. Hence, amplifier is a must for the electric guitar. The strings fixed in these types of guitars are only metal. The guitar shape may be eclectic or basic. They come with different colours.

Thus the player has to choose the guitar on the requirement and necessity of his playing. In the case of folk music or slow ballads, it is advisable to select the acoustic guitar. On the other hand, to play rock music or playing in a big place, it is better to choose the electric guitar where the output will be better.

The sound can be altered in the case of electric guitar. Rough tone can also be obtained. These changes in tones can be achieved by the effects given by the phase shift, distortion and chorus.

A person playing the acoustic guitar can definitely play the electric guitar as there is no basic difference in playing the guitar. The steps involved are the same.

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