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By: Adam Boulton
One can learn the techniques of playing the electric guitar by browsing into the sites that teaches in step by step method by dividing the complete course into various lessons. But it is always better to have a tutor to learn electric guitar since the personal teaching will always be gainful than online.

The beginner will find this step by step online lesson as a very useful one. The first session of the lesson online starts for those people who are not aware of the techniques of playing guitar and for those who do not even possess a guitar. This session will mainly focus on the techniques of playing the electric guitar. But those people who have the other types of guitar like acoustic, classical or electric-acoustic can also learn.

The learner should first understand about all the parts of the electric guitar. The various parts that are available in the electric guitar are tuning pegs, nut, frets, headstock, neck, pickups, body, bridge, tremolo, volume and tone controls, pickup switch and the power chord.

Headstock lies at the top of the guitar which is annexed to the slimmer neck. The next is the tuners. The tuners are mainly used for the purpose of tuning the instrument or to fine tune the pitch of all the strings. Next to the tune, nut follows. The nut lies in the centre of the headstock and the guitar’s neck. They are made up of plastic. In some guitars, it is made up of bone. It has 6 little grooves to direct every string till the tuners of the guitar.

The main focus has to be given to the neck of the guitar while playing the same. The fingers of the player will be placed at the neck of the guitar very often and also hold various positions to make many type of notes.

The guitar’s neck is joined to the body of the guitar which contains pickups. The appearance of the pickups is just like the microphones. These pickups as per the name pick up and take into custody the sounds of the guitar for amplification. Pickups will be available only in the electric guitar and for the other type of guitars this is replaced with a hole.

A pickup switch is situated on the guitar’s body which does various pickups for various sounds and the tones.

Bridge is a hardware piece which is joined to the guitar’s body. The strings are connected between the tuning pegs and the bridge.

The next in line is tremolo. This is linked to the guitar’s bridge. When the tremolo bar is moved up and down, the bridge can also be moved by just modifying the pitch.

The guitar’s body also contains the knobs for the control of tone and volume that is used for adjusting the volume and tone of the guitar.

The learner should get well versed with the parts that will ease his learning process.

Visit to learn all aspects of electric guitar and play the instrument like a professional. Also, check it out to learn electric guitar online in a short time without outsiders' help.

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