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By: A.T. Wichne
Many of us would favor a garden that does not need consistent attention during the summer. There are some things you want to ask when planning your summer garden. Each of these things will to some degree identify the kind of summer garden your lawn will home.

First off, what kind of space on your lawn do you wish your summer garden to man and in a general sense how enormous is that space. Many of us live in houses that have unhappily insufficient lawn space today. For that reason it's important to have a practical vision as to what quantity of that prime property you are prepared to commit to your summer garden. When you have determined what sort of space you are ready to commit to your garden you want to decide on the location. Location is crucial to know before starting the planning phase as you will need to plan according to the location. You want to be ready to answer the following queries about location.

You also have to know a little about the terrain of the area too. It is level, rocky, or muddy? These things will each have a different but surpassing effect on the kind of garden that may be grown and steps you'll have to take to make a summer garden work in this particular location before making a decision on the sorts of plants and flowers that may fill your summer garden.

You must also am considering the sort of summer garden you need to create too. Are you wanting a plant garden, flower garden, or do you simply wish to add a little bit more green to your lawn? Are you wanting to add a water feature or have a sitting area?

Another thing you may wish to bear in mind is the local climate. Is it moderate, dry, wet, or cool? These things will also have a reasonably important effect on the best kind of garden that is OK for your present situation. Organizing a garden is so far more than walking outside and pointing and grunting. When you have the answers it's time to start the more exciting sides of planning your summer garden like working the ground and picking the plants. Just remember that paying focused concentration to the details previously will save a large amount of lost cash and time later.

When you have a line on the things you would like to plant, where you wish to plant them, and what the wishes of your individual plants will be it's time to actually dig in and get your hands dirty.

Naturally, for several gardeners this is the neatest thing about growing a summer garden ( though some will disagree the results are the best thing ). Before the planting starts however you need to take a calendar and mark the days that each part of your summer garden will be planted. Some prosper by earlier plantings whilst others prosper by later plantings. If you are planting a summer plant garden then it is reasonably probable that some of the plants will need an accurate number of days between planting and cropping.

Both the plant and crop days should be spotted. Plants that are known to take up a large amount of space on the ground when left to control themselves might be trained to climb poles that you set up in the garden for them. If space is limited, this is strongly recommended. Doing this also provides a chance to shade plants that like less direct daylight when planted next to these climbing vines that are climbing vertically. Also confirm you have enough stakes for all of the plants that need them for best effect.

Plant your plants so that those needing shade get the shade they need and those that need the most water are found on a downward slope so they get the water that runs off from the plants that need smaller amounts of water. This may be a trick of conservationists and seasoned gardeners that makes the best of often limited resources like water for the point of making a better environment for perfect expansion. At the same time you wish to elude planting veggies and flowers that need less water at the base of these slopes as they are probably going to become over hydrated, which can be just as devastating as not getting sufficient water.

There are some plants, flowers, and herbs that work as natural pest controls. These make a superb addition to your garden as they offer no dangerous side effect and can rid your garden of plenty of the pests that provide consistent head aches. Another thing you may need to consider is using chicken wire to protect some of your plants from things a little larger than the average bug. The more humane the techniques of pest control and the less you are dependent on insecticides the better.

One pest which has possibly unpleasant health results to several species that could be welcome additions to your summer garden habitat is the unwelcome mosquito. You need to keep your gutters clean and freed from waste, confirm all cans and bottles are picked up and placed within a rubbish can that is lidded. Keep lids on rubbish cans at any time, and change animal bowls daily. This is highly effective at dusk when the mosquitoes appear to be at their worst as it gives a natural repellant for mosquitoes. It's also feasible to find garlic based mosquito repellants that are very efficient at making your garden inhospitable to mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks.

Another thing you can do to make your garden inhospitable to mosquitoes is to fill it with creatures that prey on mosquitoes. Purple Martins are famous for eating mosquitoes and a fine addition to any summer garden. Plant lemon thyme in your summer garden.Selecting this plant for your garden will help you naturally repel mosquitoes, in relation to rubs, sprays, and oils.

Taking proper care of your garden during the summer months can make the fall harvesting process go a lot more smoothly while also helping prepare for the planning that will occur in the winter months ahead.

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