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By: Dave Brody
There are four main ingredients in a cloning gel: water or dry base, the active ingredient, vitamins/minerals, and antibacterial/antifungal elements. Each element is important and plays a major role in encouraging roots.

The water, sometimes gel, combines the active ingredient, vitamins, minerals and antibacterial elements. For some cloning gel, the water is replaced with a dry product. In other solutions, the water is combined to form a gel which helps to remain in place surrounding the plant stem increasing the amount of time the stem remains in contact with the solution. The water or dry base also helps to seal the end of the cutting stopping water loss and other harmful products from entering.

The active ingredient is most likely a hormone or a group of hormones. There are several that are commonly used at varying strengths. This ingredient is what initiates root cell formation. Common hormones are IBA and NAA.

The vitamins and minerals provide essential elements to assist feed the newly formed roots as well as keeping the plant nourished. A popular vitamin is B1.

The antibacterial and antifungal ingredients prevent bacteria and fungus from growing. Rooting usually takes place in 5 – 10 days which is a sufficient amount of time for bacteria or fungus to enter the cutting and propser. These ingredients help to neutralize these harmful elements.

Not all cloning solutions are created equal. Lots of them are missing one or more of the important elements. Moveover, some may have too little or too much of each essential element, particularly the active element and antibacterial or antifungal ingredients. Always do the homework and talk to experienced people to find out their success with a particular product.

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