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Author: Grisel Herrick
Even though the septic tank is a well-established plant for water waste management, it may fail if not treated regularly. Septic tanks have been ignored for their cleaning, but not anymore. Myth such as septic tanks need occasional cleaning and pumping, have been cleared. There are many professionals available for septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas, whether it a large commercial septic tank or a small one for household sewage cleaning. Discussed below are the reasons, why is septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas important:

Human health

As the septic tank uses bacteria to process sewage by separating the solid from liquid, the solid wastes accumulate at the bottom of the tank over time. Septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas cleans this accumulation on a regular basis. These accumulations if not cleared regularly may contaminate the groundwater. Thus, regular cleaning is not just useful for the septic tank plant but is also in favor of human health.


Getting septic tank cleaning in Houston, Texas once in a year also reduces the maintenance cost of the plant. If the plant is drained only when it is full or is treated only when a problem arises, it costs a lot more than the regular inspection. During the regular inspection, many parts are cleaned, surface and the walls of the plant are cleared of the accumulation, and other technical and structural irregularities are also taken care at their initial stage. While, if a problem is cured, it may need replacement of various parts that have been clogged or damaged over time. A well-maintained septic tank plant also increases the value of the property it is built on.

Leakage into drinking water plants

There are areas, where septic tanks and water treatment plants are placed alongside, and many households depend upon these water treatment plants for their drinking water. If septic tank cleaning Houston, Texas is not regularly taken care of, then chances of leakage from the septic tank into the water treatment plant may be dangerous causing fatal infections or serious diseases.

Contamination of surface water or other water bodies

Septic tanks also supply the recycled water to various groundwater supplies. However, if septic tank cleaning Houston, Texas is not performed regularly, it may replenish contaminated water into the groundwater and the surface water posing various health risks.

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