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Author: Grisel Herrick
If you have recently built a septic tank, it will work fine without you having to think about it and that is how it should be. If the system develops problems, you need to do something immediately before the situation turns unpleasant and damages your home or property. It is important to take action on time in order to avoid repairs and other dilemmas. There are numerous septic tank pumping companies that arrange for regular cleaning and help maintain the tank in the best condition.

Importance of septic tank pumping

In order to understand the importance of pumping the septic tank, you will have to understand how the tank functions and its role in the system. The idea behind having the tank is to handle solid sewage from wastewater that enters the sewage tank, The solid waste ends up at the bottom of the tank as sludge and the light waste which is made out of grease and oil will remain at the top as scum layer. The water in between the two will remain free of solids but it still contains the nitrogen and phosphorus chemicals that are used as fertilizers.

The pipes that manage to reach into the center will remove the fertilized water and will filter it down through the septic field and into the earth. However, the solid waste will still remain in the tank, only the water will be removed. Only if the solid waste is kept out of the earth, you will be able to avoid the horrible smell and the bacteria which is contaminating the soil. Some sludge will decay due to bacteria but there will still remain some part of it. Through septic tank pumping, it will be possible to remove the sludge and dispose it off. However, you will need the services of a professional to perform the cleaning. Septic tank pumping companies can ensure efficient and effective cleaning of your septic tank from time to time.

If you overlook this issue, the sludge will build up from time to time and it will begin to block the drainage which will eventually back up the sewer lines. It can clog sinks and drains and also send terrible odor in the home. Additionally, the sludge will begin to enter the septic field and will not only poison the ground but will also hurt the environment and create horrible smell across the house. The frequency of pumping the tank varies from one house to anther but you need to have a maintenance check done once a year to see in case there is any trouble developing. It is best to take precautions before the issue looms large on your head.

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