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By: christianbrooken
Project manager is the person who is responsible to use the available resources and complete the tasks on time and within the budgets to satisfy the clients. He is the one who has many responsibilities to take care of like assigning tasks to the team members, updating clients on the project tasks, keeping a tab on the resources, generating invoices and reports and many more that is quite hectic for one to handle. However, to make their role more effective and efficient you can now find the web based office applications that simplifies tasks for the project manager. These tools bring all important information and statistics regarding the project onto a single platform so that the project manager can have a glance at different aspects of the ongoing project from a single platform and take well informed decisions. The Creative Pro office tools are really one of its kinds that are designed and developed to help the projects managers to excel in their job. The office dash board is one such tool that comes with many widgets like current projects, tasks, open invoices, calendar etc so that the project manager can stay informed on different aspects of the project with one glance and take decisions. The project manager tool brings all information like status of the ongoing projects, hours spent, project contacts, amounts to be billed, files, notes etc in a single tabbed view.

The task management software tools is also very much useful for the project managers that supports them to assign tasks online to the team members, create comment threads, attach files to tasks and also track time on tasks that allows to generate invoices from the same platform. The tool also filters tasks to view completed tasks, incomplete tasks or task assigned to the team members along with generating reports on the completed and pending works. It is also possible to export tasks to excel and take out PDF print outs. Similarly, there is this timesheet and job timer tool with a time clock widget that keeps a track on the time spent on each project so that not a single billable hour is at lost. There is also an invoice generation tool, calendar, file manager, reports and also mobile and desktop apps from My Creative Pro that really enhances the efficiency of the project manager with these web based office applications.

If you are searching for web based office applications, then Mycphohq is the perfect place. We are providing the web based office applications to manage your team, clients, projects. For more details about project management dashboard software, please visit

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