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Paint is applied to achieve finishing on the product and make it look appropriate on its exterior. The thickness of coating is between 15 to 20 micrometers and when the substrate to be painted is properly treated, the coating can provide excellent corrosion resistance. The benefits of wet paint include a thin finish, cost efficiency, corrosion resistance and a wider selection of colors. CARC Paint is usually applied on military vehicles in order to provide them adequate protection against chemical and biological weapons. The top surface of the paint is engineered to be decontaminated after the exposure to chemical warfare as well as biological warfare agents. It is also resistant to damage and removal by decontaminating solutions. The type of paint to be applied and the coatings required for the same will depend on the product on which the paint is to be applied. The surface of the product will help determine the type of paint which is suitable for application.

There are various benefits on the application of CARC paint which include chemical resistance, since CARC is a non-absorbent material which prevents dangerous chemicals from being absorbed into the coating, it saves from the damage that could be caused due to absorption. For military vehicles, the damaging chemicals will not be absorbed by the CARC camouflage, hence it will be much easier to neutralize and sanitize the military equipment. In the event of chemical attacks, it is important to decontaminate the vehicles and equipment. Another benefit of CARC is the infrared signature management through which the pigment camouflages vehicles when they are engaged in operation. The green pattern in the paint has an infrared signature which will blend with the surrounding environment.

CARC paint is an option offered by reel manufacturers. The biggest benefit of the same is its active camouflage agent which provides an added protection to men and women in the US military. The paint is widely used in military and for vehicles that will be used in the military forces. However, the paint ensures that there is no corrosion and helps save thousands of dollars on the maintenance and treatment. It is important to make a well informed decision when opting for CARC paint on any vehicle. Since it is widely used for military vehicles, it is rarely seen on other products or vehicles. The application of the same will depend on the requirement of the product and will be determined by the company offering professional services. It is a form of wet paint which is applied for the purpose of finishing and to avoid corrosion of the product. It is an economical option and will last longer. is one of the leading metal finishing companies offering services including type I, II & III anodizing, CARC painting ( ), passivation, Swiss machining, cadmium plating, copper plating, gold plating, silver plating, tin plating, zinc electroplating, etc. To know more, visit

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