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By: johnncruzy
Events and exhibitions help companies to promote their products and services directly to the public. This is the reason that many companies participate in events to enhance their brand image in the public and reach out their targeted customers. But, to become successful in an event or exhibition the company has to find out experienced and reliable event staff who can attract the customer to their stall and explain about the company services as well gather feedback from the customer that would be very much useful for the company as a first hand opinion of the customer. However, to find best event staff many companies often rely on the event companies in UAE for temporary staff recruitment to choose event promoter, sales assistant, mascot, trade show hostess etc which is quite an expensive option with limited resources. But not anymore as you can now checkout for the online portal Professionate that has become a reliable platform to find temporary event staff as well as event jobs. Companies can now easily avoid the expenses on hiring the services of event management companies in Qatar and can recruit the required event staff directly from the portal Professionate that offers huge staff selection across the world to hire candidates within a few hours.

There are many benefits in choosing Professionate as you can find event staff in better prices compared to those being offered by the event management companies and also have a huge choice to find one that perfectly suits to your job. All you need is to register with the portal and post your requirements for event staff and receive a number of profiles in a few hours to select the right person for the right job as per your needs. As the staff are readily available from over 50 countries the business companies need not worry about participating in exhibitions or events across the world as they can simply hire the local talent through the portal and make their presence felt in the events. The companies can go through the profile of the interested candidates, their experience and also ratings given by other employers to hire one that is perfectly suitable to host their events. Similarly, agencies can also join Professionate for world wide database. Even promoters can find this platform as a wonderful opportunity to find temporary staff jobs and also promote their profile online to receive job offers from reputed companies.

Professionate is fastest growing marketplace to connect event staff with hostess agencies & companies around the world. Here, you can get experienced promo staff, part time promoters, promo girls and many more models for your events. We are also one of the event recruitment agency in and around UAE, providing event jobs in various fields such as hostess jobs, promotion girl jobs, part time event jobs, Dubai modeling jobs, event staff jobs. For more details visit us at

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