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By: cadricsalton
Household electronic devices can make your life simple and have your home connected and controlled. Baldr in one company that has been offering quality household electronic products like digital clocks, weather stations, thermo-hygrometers, kitchen scales and also power management units all from a single platform to further enhance your lifestyle. The company brings you the best of digital thermo hygrometers that can be used to measure the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity levels. To maintain proper humidity and temperature indoors you can use the thermos hygrometers to assess the atmospheric conditions in your surroundings. The device is also widely used in HVAC installations, ware houses, refrigerated trucks, construction sites etc. where property humidity levels need to be maintained to prevent any mold formation or other health hazards due to abnormal levels of humidity in the atmosphere. The Baldr brings you the best quality thermo hygrometers that can measure indoor temperature range of -9.9-+59.9C and outdoor temperature of -39.9 to +69.9C with an accuracy of +/-1.5C. It can also measure relative humidity range of 20% to 95% with resolution of 1%. This comes as a table standing or wall hanging device with comfort level indicator, low battery indicator and also time display in 12/24hr mode.

Similarly, you can also lookout for Jumbo digital wall clock from Baldr displaying atomic time with DST. It displays precise time with millisecond accuracy and can be used in your home, office, schools, factories, organisations etc. to display time. The jumbo wall clock displays big time either 12 or 24 mode with seconds and also calendar with date, month and year. There is also an indoor temperature display and humidity levels. This is only wall hanging model and can be powered with 3*AA batteries. It also comes with low battery indicator for you to change the batteries when required. The clock comes with the instruction set on how to set automatic time or manual time set and also the language options for the weekday display. You can also go through the precautions that need to be followed for superior performance of the device.

All the electronic devices from Baldr come in the best quality and also one year warranty on the manufacturing and workmanship defects. The come in the best price and you can also find best discount deals from the company on their electronic products. You can go through the clear images of the products, specifications and features before placing your order online and have the product delivered to your door steps.

BALDR Electronic is a diversified company specialize in household electronic products. We are offering thermo hygrometers and jumbo digital wall clock at affordable Price. To Get more wall clocks logon to

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