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Author: Damon Za
Video as a marketing collateral is one of the most promising trends to emerge in recent years. Corporate video has grown and offers a number of different formats to tell an organization’s story including interview driven, live action, animation, stop-motion, feature films etc. These videos or films can either be produced in-house or outsourced to professional film production companies in NYC. Outsourcing has its own benefits compared to in-house video production and there are certain things you need to consider while hiring one of these corporate video production houses. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Benefits of Outsourcing Film Production

• First and foremost, when you work with a professional video and film production company they have all of the equipment and knowledge to help produce your corporate video production.

• Working with an film production company in NYC allows you to have access to all of the necessary resources for a professional corporate video production; the production equipment, talented producers, camera technicians, editors, and graphic artists.

• Working with a turnkey film production company you will be able to discuss your project in depth and have an accurate time table for the video production at hand.

How to Hire Film Production Companies in NYC?

There are a few basic things you need to consider when you hire these production companies.

• Firstly, you need to formulate a detailed creative brief so that the production company can understand your requirements and produce the corporate video or brand film accordingly.

• Once you have defined your requirements well, you can look for film production companies in NYC, which serve your requirements to discuss the project and discuss logistics and budget.

• Based on the quotes you have received, you can select one of the film production companies in NYC that you think can deliver your requirements. You can arrange for a face to face briefing where you can explain your requirements, ideate on the script and negotiate on fees and turnaround time.

• An experienced corporate video production partner will be able to help you identify the requirements for the brand film or video project at hand and share with you a realistic timeline for the production and identify a flat-rate video production fee.

NYC Video Pros, one of the leading video production companies in New York City ( ) providing corporate videos and film production solutions that allows any organization to leverage the power of video. To learn more about us, visit

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