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By: Vincent Guo
Styling your ceremony seating or looking for the perfect dining chair to complement your tablescapes? Brush up on ten of the most popular wedding chair styles and determine which option best suits your wedding aesthetic.

1. Chiavari Chair

This faux bamboo style is the most popular option for weddings. They’re often seen in natural wood, neutral tones, or metallics, but some rental companies offer bright colors, pastels, or even transparent varieties.

2. Chameleon Chair

If you don’t recognize these chairs, that’s because they’re usually draped in fabric or otherwise disguised (hence the name). The metal frames can be customized with colorful cushions, stylish sashes, or decorative slipcovers. They can also be kept bare for a more contemporary look.

3. Ghost Chair

A modern style made from acrylic or lucite. While it’s most commonly seen in clear, it also comes in opaque black or a variety of translucent tints like gray, pink, blue, green, and orange.

4. Versailles Chair

Also referred to as opera chairs, The frames are available in a variety of natural wood and metallic finishes, while the cushions can often be matched to your wedding color scheme.

5. X-Back Chair

A Tuscan style chair with a natural wood finish and a signature cross-back design. This chair embodies rustic elegance and is a popular choice for sophisticated weddings set at farms, barns, or vineyards.

6. Marais Style Chair

These stylish steel bistro chairs will give your tablescapes an industrial edge. We love them paired with rustic farm tables and contemporary glass tables alike. These French dining chairs are typically seen in raw metallics like silver, gunmetal, and bronze, but can also be found in a wide variety of colors.

7. Bentwood Cafe Chair

This fashionable style was made popular by Michael Thonet in the 1800s. It’s the quintessence of laid-back, effortless elegance and is a great choice for a wedding set in a vineyard, restaurant, barn, or loft.

8. Louis XVI Style Chair

This French Neoclassical design is distinguished by an oval back and is typically upholstered in a natural linen or a colorful velvet. It’s a must for a vintage style wedding held at a historic mansion or an elegant estate!

9. Rattan Chair

These natural cane folding chairs are festive choice for a tropical beach wedding!

10. English Garden Chair

These sweet wrought-iron beauties can be rented from a variety of vintage furniture companies. They come in a range of designs from classic scrolls to preppy lattice to romantic hearts. A lovely choice for a shabby chic garden wedding—just make sure you provide cushions!

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