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By: djind
One of the first things that everyone want's to know is how much money can you make selling on online auction sites? After all we all hear stories of people making hundreds even thousands of dollars per month on auction, but is that even possible for the everyday seller?
The good news is that it's true and it's possible! Just look how many PowerSellers on overnight auctions are doing just that. To become a PowerSeller on overnight auctions is simple sell sell sell.
That should give you an idea of the income possibilities. The great news is that it is so easy to get started. In fact some of these people didn't even intend to set up a full time income on overnight auctions they simply started selling a few things and it snowballed into a full time job and the best part is that selling on is totally free basic listings and just a small 1.5% final value fee unlike the other online auction sites.
Even if you just want to earn a bit of income on this side you can still use overnight auctionst o make a great second income. You could set up your auctions one evening, pack orders another evening and take them to the post office to send to your customers each Saturday. Not many second jobs are that easy to set up and run from home, nor have the earning potential of overnight auctions.
overnight auctions also doesn't discriminate. You could be young or old, live in the country or city, rich or poor. It doesn't matter, there is no job interview or commuting involved. If you can post things, then you can do it. Even if you can't get to a post office you could sell e-books and never leave the house!
The trick with making money with overnight auctions simple. Buy something cheaply and sell it at a higher price than you paid, making a profit. You could get your stock from things around the house that you no longer want, get discounts for bulk purchases at warehouses, buy wholesale, find things at garage sales or second hand shops. The potential for finding things to sell is only limited by your imagination.
Most people start by just selling a few things around the house. So have a clean out and see which of your things that you no longer use. You'll be surprised what somebody might pay for something, and you might have a few hundred dollars worth of stuff just lying around the house that you never use.
Why not give it a try! Register at overnight and start selling in no time!

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