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By: Gourab Nanda
There are zillions of artists out there who have true passion for music but are not able to make it a profitable business venture. They spend endless years learning music, understanding technicalities of sound and beats but when it comes to making money from it, either they lack the business acumen or fall short of a foolproof sales strategy.
Independent labels and artists have traditionally struggled with distribution, and the internet allows any artist to reach out to a global fan base.
Before you read on, keep in mind these questions when selling music online. They hold the key to successful online music promotion:
1)What is the USP of your music?
2)What is the general style of music your fans are most interested in?
3)What other artists do you fans compare your music to?
4)Who is your target audience? 
5)What kind of music is your *target* customer searching for on the internet?
6)How can you use that information to bring your target customers to your web site?
Here are some easy ways of making profits through music online:
Social networking webpages

You can extensively use social networking websites to sell beats and sell music online. MySpace and Facebook gives you the opportunity to market you music for free. You can create fan pages here and increase your business and at a later stage even start music auctions.
Search engines

To gain greater benefits, you can build a SEO friendly website and link all your pages together. This will increase your page rank in the search engines; therefore, allowing you to show up over many results when people search for specific types of music like rock music charts or selling beats, etc.
Merchandise and incentives
Promotion schemes, contests, freebies and merchandise are the necessary paraphernalia that comes in handy when it comes to making more profits and increasing sales. Music auctions, contest around rock beats are some quick activities that can help you make more money.
Setting up your own online music store
Internet music store to sell your music worldwide is an exciting and positive step forward for independent musicians and small record labels. It allows you to keep full control over your music, your business and be totally independent (no middlemen). It will give you the chance to reach out to a new audience base.
The internet is not a shortcut to success -- it’s simply a tool that can be very effective in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. Hence it is important to hone your skills to make more profit by selling your music online.

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