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By: Imran Ali
A lot of people like to know what celebrities wear and what do they get on their engagements. Many jewelry makers from different countries produce celebrity inspired engagement rings for ordinary people to enjoy and cherish. You will find tons of options in this category with rings ranging in price from $100 to $5000 and even more. Although celebrity rings are way too expensive, with most of them costing around millions of dollars, designers try to use inexpensive materials and imitation stones to create look-alikes of those rings. If you want to know what Jennifer Aniston, Kate Walsh, Kate Hudson, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes and other celebrities got on their engagement, keep reading on.

Katie Holmes was presented with an Edwardian style ring by Tom Cruise which cost over 1.5 million dollars. It is a 5-carat diamond ring in oval shape set in platinum and rose gold. The huge diamond and the setting speak of antique style which is quite noticeable. Jennifer Aniston got a ring specially designed by Brad Pitt and it is truly beautiful. It is composed of 20 diamonds set in a spiral in white gold. Replica rings of this type are now widely available on the internet starting from as low as $35. Although these rings might not be long lasting or sturdy, they can be bought to see the exquisite design and lovely setting.

One of the most unusual and extremely beautiful celebrity engagement rings is the one received by Jessica Simpson. This ring is designed with two side stones and a center stone which is pear shaped set in platinum. The diamonds used on this ring weigh around 3.5 carats and have internally flawless clarity. These types of diamonds are rare and very expensive. Kate Hudson’s art deco style ring with 5-carat asscher cut center diamond and small pave set diamonds on the sides is gorgeous. Kate Walsh inspired CZ ring is also available out there with a similar design.

Many other celebrity engagement rings are unique and simply exquisite. And why wouldn’t they be? After all, the men who happen to fall in love with these celebrities have to spend millions of dollars to steal their beloved’s heart away. Good news for all those who love these rings and would like to have an identical ring on their engagement: there are many designers who create celebrity inspired rings which also include personalized and custom-made rings in all styles. Usually less expensive stones or diamond stimulants like moissanite and CZ are used on these rings to make them affordable for ordinary people. In place of platinum, 14k or 18k white gold is used.

Whether it’s a classic solitaire diamond ring, or a lavishly designed beautiful and luxurious ring with lots of diamonds, celebrity engagement rings are considered unique and extraordinary. Internet has made it possible for everyone to enjoy the beauty of these rings and also to order an identical ring in just about minutes. Check out the various stunning rings in this category and choose one for your sweetheart.

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