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By: Imran Ali
Everybody wants their engagement to be a special and memorable day. Men look for unique and totally gorgeous engagement rings to surprise their fiancées. With a wide range of all kinds of diamond and gemstone rings now available on the internet, it’s not difficult to locate a perfect ring for your loved one. Many jewelry designers from across the globe design unusual and beautiful rings to be given on engagements. Zales is a popular name in this category that is recognized the world over. You will find amazing rings in this collection ranging from simple and elegant diamond solitaire rings to lovely gemstone rings.

To locate a perfect ring for your partner, check out the various options available to you. You will have to select the ring style, the metal type and its color, and the stone type if you want to buy a gemstone ring. Among popular ring styles, diamond bands, fashion, personalized, stackable and three-stone designs are quite common. For choosing your metal type, you have two options: white colored metals and yellow colored metals. 18k yellow gold and platinum are two of the most widely used metal types in rings for engagements, weddings and other special occasions.

In addition to the basic yellow and white, you can also opt for rose, tri-tone, and two-tone engagement rings. These are unusual colors but they look amazing. People who want a unique and extremely beautiful ring often choose these tones. Rose gold is commonly used in jewelry making nowadays although it has not gained that much popularity yet. It comes in various carats just like its yellow and white counterparts. Copper is added to pure gold to get the reddish pink color and it looks stunning when complemented with gemstones and diamonds. Gemstones like pink amethyst and green quartz are often used to enhance the beauty of these lovely rings.

Tri-tone and two-tone engagement rings are gaining widespread popularity because of their allure and individuality. While a lot of people opt for pure platinum and diamond rings, these rings with two or three metals also look beautiful on engagements. You can also have a ring personalized or custom-made for you by specifying the stones and metal settings to use. People often choose birthstones to personalize their rings. White and yellow gold are frequently combined in two-tone rings to create a gorgeous effect. Diamonds and other gemstones like white sapphire, emerald, and ruby are used to complement the design.

Stackable engagement rings available in white, yellow and rose gold are stunning and unique. Many designers create one-of-a-kind stackable rings which are perfect to be presented on engagements. These three-piece or two-piece rings come in similar or different designs and sometimes personalized with special messages or engravings. Three-stone diamond and gemstone rings are another category which you can check out. Ruby, pink sapphire, aquamarine, blue sapphire, emerald, opal, blue topaz, green amethyst and many other gorgeous gemstones are used to create these charming and attractive rings. You can also narrow down your search by specifying the price range.

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