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By: Imran Ali
Millions of people across the globe keep pets and are emotionally very attached to them. When a pet dies it becomes hard for the owners to cope with this tragedy. A sweet way to remember your pet is to wear cremation jewellery to keep the memories of your beloved pet close to your heart. Dog jewellery can also be found in this category to store the ashes of a cremated dog and to wear it at all times to show the endless love between a master and his pet. Normally people wear dog paw or black bone urn pendants but other types of articles are also available.

One can also find pet urns designed like boxes to hold the cremains of their adored pet and keep it as a memento. These boxes are made from genuine wood. Cremation jewellery comes in modern and contemporary designs. You can find shapes like teardrop, cylinder, flower and many others. Pendants are usually shaped like these objects in addition to animals and simple round shape. Rings can also be found in this category with engravings and they are designed to hold a small amount of cremains. Pet cremation jewellery is used in the same manner as you would use any other cremation jewellery article.

This type of dog jewellery is available in different materials, such as sterling silver and 14k gold. Some of the items are engravable and most of them are designed to hold cremains. One can also find beautiful charm bracelets in this category with shapes like a dog paw engraved on them. Such jewellery articles can also be given as meaningful and special gifts to those who have lost a pet. They will be thrilled to receive such a lovely gift and will treasure it for a long time to come. These articles are usually unisex which means they can be worn by both men and women.

Cobalt and glass urn keepers are gaining in popularity as cremation dog jewellery. These items are quite affordable and you can find a beautifully designed urn for as low as $50. Even if your pet was buried instead of cremated, you can still use an urn pendant to keep its memories close by. Some people keep soil of the ground where their pet was buried, while others use a lock of hair or any other thing that reminds them of their pet. These jewellery articles are expertly handcrafted and can also be worn as fashion accessories. Modern cremation pendants and rings are available at reasonable prices and in lovely designs.

Glass urn keepers as cremation dog jewellery come in a variety of colors and look beautiful. They are created by using various glass techniques, the most popular among which is lampwork. As such they are fashionable and lovely pieces of jewellery and can be given as memorable gifts. In addition to rings, pendants and bracelets, one can also find cute key chains in this category. This type of wonderful jewellery is also known as funeral urn jewellery and is quickly gaining popularity in all parts of the world.

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