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By: john
The danger of high voltage electrical shock caution! minimum distance with flammable material
Lamps must be fixed installation , and to ensure that at any point of any flammable materials and lighting the surface for at least 20cm ( 8 ' ) of Distance. Beam need to locate the lens projected light projection object to maintain at least a distance of 12 m ( 39'4 ).
The level of protection for this moving head 5r equipment for Class I , so please connect the yellow / green wire grounded .Other lighting wires and the power cord of the device Do not mix then!Special attention
to the marked voltage of the power supply voltage and host ! Ensure the effective voltage does not exceed the voltage range indicated on the rear window. You need to refer to the assessment.

Technical parameters
voltage: 100V to 240V 10 % / 50 ~~ 60Hz
Ballast: electronic ballast
Bulb: YODN MSD200 R5 ( optional 180W OSRAM SIRIUS HRI )
Color temperature : 8000K Luminous Flux 7950lm (6m distance) , light intensity 58760lx (20mdistance )
Average life expectancy : 2000H
Color wheel: 14 colors + white, positive and negative bi-directional
Gobo wheel : a pattern Dribbling 17 fixed gobos + white , the pros and
cons of two-way rotation
Prism: rotating eight prism, the pros and cons of bi-directional rotation
moving effect by moving head beam 5r , atomization function
Atomizing effect: 0-100 % adjustable atomization beam angle
Aperture: seven beam adjustment
Focus: linear focus
Dimmer / Shutter: 0-100 % linear dimmer light and two-piece strobe
governor (0.5-14 seconds)
The level scan: 540 degrees, Resolution 8Bit/16Bit , automatic correction
The scan vertical: 250 degrees, Resolution 8Bit/16Bit, auto-correction
Beam angle : parallel beam angle : 0 - 3.8 Protection: IP20
Control mode : International standard DMX512
Channels : 20 Channels
Other features: the mechanical closed light source power automatically halved
Size: 345MM (arm width) X475MM (total high) X405 (bottom width) MM
Double flight case size: 730MMX465MMX690MM
Carton size: 460MMX385MMX550MM
Net Weight: 17KG
Patterned plate: a pattern dribbling 17 fixed gobos + white, the pros and cons of two-way rotation
Color wheel: 14 colors + white, positive and negative bi-directional rotation.

Using the menu:

1. Boot display the main screen, press the black knob center once, the main menu appears on the display , enter the main menu setting items , the main Menu set of nine are:
dmx co2 jet address
Parameter settings
Display settings
Manual control
Test run
Restore factory mode
lamps restore
2. By rotating black knob confirm the displayed value, or activate the display function , or to enter the continuous menu . Clockwise menu The display items incrementing ( auto-repeat ) , or pass on an item in the menu . Counterclockwise menu display decreasing significantly Shows ( automatic repeat ) or delivered to the menu on a project . Press to exit back to the main interface , each setting item has a return value ,
Press Back to return to the previous menu.
a) Quit
b) DMX address :1 -512
c) parameter settings
i. return
ii control mode
1 . Standard mode
2 . Expansion mode
3 Compact Mode
iii. Lamps Model
d) option is set
i. return
ii. X Backward
(1) YES
(2) NO
iii. Y Backward
(1) YES
(2) NO
iv. XY exchange
(1) YES
(2) NO
v bulb control
(1) ON
(2) OFF
vi power-on lamp status

For more information, or to 200w beam moving head light contact us at

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