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By: Imran Ali
The designers have given jewellery new dimensions. Now-a-days lot of jewellery options available in market that it is very easy to find a jewellery of your choice. If you are willing to buy a jewellery, it is nearly impossible to come back home without shopping. American Indian jewellery is a lovely example of native tradition and culture. This is mostly made by hands and looks good. Handmade jewellery has a unique look unlike fabricated jewellery that sometimes looks cheap. Most of the people in India earn their living by selling these hand crafted jewellery. Moreover they make the art pieces to make a living. By buying this Indian jewellery, you will be a helping part to support their culture so that the continue practicing their traditions because each piece of jewellery is created from a tribe rich in vivid past and history.

Native American Jewellery that was produced by the Tigua Indians (Pueblon tribe) is extraordinary in real sense due to the fact that in 1930’s; this tribe was thought to be extinct. They were not until they rallied together and they asserted themselves as a people, claiming the land lost by them, that they were identified by President Lyndon Johnson as a tribe in 1968. This is all due to the practicing of traditional customs.

Like most of the Indian tribes, art for a living of Tigua Indians is jewellery. There jewellery is almost similar to the one made by the Navajo tribe of United States. This Indian jewellery is known for the intricate detail and incredible designs. Most of the materials used in it are glass and beads along with the real pieces of sterling silver. If you have purchased a piece of Tigua jewellery, you will able to find their talent and it will provide you a look of the lifestyle of Tigua tribe. Traditional look in this jewellery makes it one-of-a-kind. It must have been in the collection of jewellery lovers.

Whenever you are buying Indian jewellery, it will be good for you to shop wisely and the most important thing is don’t ever buy the cheap substitutes of it. Buying the original items made by Indians will ensure you the quality of your jewellery. By buying an original piece, it will give you satisfaction of knowing that you have invested in a right place. It can be costly like most of the handmade jewellery but you can find jewellery at reasonable price if you know where to buy. Buying online is a great option available now-a-days because by buying online you will come across great deals and wide section of jewellery available in market.

Genuine Indian jewellery is a great gift for the jewellery lovers and for the ones who are fascinated by the native culture. It doesn’t matter who you are buying for, but remember buy only authentic jewellery. It will be not only a jewellery to adorn you but also it will be a help to support Native culture.

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