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By: Imran Ali
Jewellery has been used for centuries for adornment. If you see history than you will find that the first culture to make jewellery was Chinese about 5000 years ago. Jade was their favorite stone and silver was more popular than gold. Firstly jewellery was used to display wealth but after sometime woman also found wearing jewellery to add to their beauty. Soon after that different cultures used jewellery.

Jewellery is also popular among southwest Indian tribes. Navajo jewellery is popular among them and it has good reputation among all Indian jewellery with rings, earrings, necklace, pendants and bracelets. Navajo jewellery and other Southwest Indian jewellery contain some regularly used gemstones like jasper, turquoise, malachite, aventurine, hematite, rhodonite and amethyst. Spiritual significances of each gemstone are briefly described in this article.

The most common gemstone used in Navajo jewellery is blue turquoise. Besides its beauty it is used for healing purpose and good luck. In different religious ceremonies in Southwest India, blue turquoise can be seen largely.

Malachite usually comes in dark green color. It clarifies true emotions, facilitates insights and removes obstructions. This also represents the loyalty and fidelity. Jasper also has a great importance and it is usually available in brownish red color. It is used to protect anyone from negativity and also considered as nurturing. Jasper has also healing effects on liver, bladder, kidney and spleen.

Hematite is a stone with metallic. It is thought that it energizes and revitalize with positive effects on the bloodstream. Adventurine comes in light green. It releases fear or anxiety and boosts tranquility. It is also thought that this gemstone promotes leadership qualities and decisiveness.

Rhodonite is rose color stone having brown and black specs. It promotes positive thinking. Most of the people use it for overcoming difficulties and regaining mental stability. Finally, amethyst, which is available in purple color and usually, encourages the freedom from any addiction. It also conducts peaceful energy and aids intuition.

These gemstones are usually used in silver and gold pieces. They are often used to form pendants or bracelets as these two items of jewellery are more popular in India. Silver background in these gems is very much appreciated by the people and it makes the gemstone standout in jewellery piece. For purchasing, it is highly recommended. Though there are also other options are available in jewellery which are highly classed and liked by many people but Navajo jewellery has its own place and reputation. But to check any sort of Indian jewellery it is very important to purchase it from renowned jewellery shop or any reputable source to ensure authenticity. Online shopping of jewellery is widely used by the people now-a-days because it gives you a pleasure of purchasing while sitting at home. Online shopping also makes your shopping easy and quick too because for going to shopping malls, you have to go through traffic and it will consume a lot of time to shop.

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