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By: Imran Ali
Clarity is considered as a significant feature of diamond that you hear while shopping diamond ring or other diamond items. Clarity is not always natural and it can be produced artificially by some alterations made with the help of mechanical treatments. And there are many jewelers who are selling these clarity enhanced diamonds and people buy them at the cost of original diamonds.

Terms like absence and presence of inclusions or blemishes inside and outside the surface of diamond are used to describe clarity. Perfect natural diamonds, which have clearness and clarity, are extraordinary. Many flaws that exist inside the diamond pieces can only be seen while viewing them with magnifying glass or microscope. They don’t create any problem for both seller and buyer because of naturalness. Flaws are imperfections that remain inside the natural diamond during their formation. And blemishes are the scratches on the outer surface. Natural scratches on the surface or uncut and unpolished surface of diamond, also comes under the head of blemishes.

There are several treatments made to enhance the clarity of diamond. One is said laser drilling. In this method a very small laser beam is used to remove inclusions from the diamond. This method leaves lines like tracks on diamond and can be seen by magnification from the side view. New laser enhancement technology removes the inclusions permanently. It made cracks around the flaws near diamond jewellery surface, which look more natural. Laser drilling eliminates inclusions permanently, which may not change the strength of a diamond. If diamond is cleaned by normal method, the heat that produced while repairing it may change its appearance.

Second treatment is known as fracture filling. This method is used to fill tiny little inclusions with a glass like substance. That substance creates an optical film on the outer surface of diamond jewellery, which makes little cracks invisible. Filling fracture is not a permanent treatment because the heat that produced while repairing, cleaning or sunlight may damage or darken the color of coating. Fracture filling may also left some signs that can only seen with the help of 10X jeweler’s loupe or microscope. With magnification flashes of colors can be seen at the same place where the cracks were. Filling fracture also left bubbles on those places. If you are going to buy diamond jewellery for continue wearing than fracture filled should not be the best option.

Word enhanced is not a positive feature of diamond. And the term treated is also the same thing. You should find out that what kinds of treatments were used and what kind of treatment can influence the value. Treatments do enhance the quality and there is nothing wrong to select a treated diamond if the treatments are done completely.

If you are purchasing diamond from a reputable and knowledgeable jeweler he will disclose all the treatments made with diamond that he offered you. Only the solution, which may solve this problem, is the thorough study and learning more about diamonds before shopping them. Having knowledge will help every one on every stage.

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