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By: Brandi Jones
When it comes to jewelry women don’t compromise. Be it women bracelets, necklace pendant, women earrings or rings every woman wants the best. Women rings are one of the most important pieces of jewelry and the trends keep on changing every now and then. What was cool last year is backdated now which makes it important be a part of the latest trend. A sizzling ring will not only attract attention from the onlookers but will give you immense confidence to carry yourself forward.

Remember the quote “diamonds are forever” and this year too diamond rings will be the trend. Among the diamond women rings 2011’s trendiest will be cut-out step rings, heart shape rings, cluster swirl rings among others. This year woman rings covered in a straight band of small gems and rings encrusted with one large gem surrounded by smaller gems and platinum rings with one single cushion or oval shaped diamond will be among the trend. Gold and platinum diamond rings with crossover will dominate the market.

If you aren’t too keen on diamonds, sapphire and emerald will be the best option for you. These blue and green gems match diamonds in every aesthetic aspect will sell like hot cakes this year. Coming in a wide variety over diamond and platinum, sapphire and emerald woman rings will showcase some of the most modern ring designs including elongated and accent rings. This year to a lot of experimental designs and shapes are among the trend in the market.

For people who want to experiment with the colour of gold white gold rings will offer you a huge variety. Off late coloured metal has become a popular way to give to add an attractive finish and modern style to the ring. 2011 will set new benchmark when it comes to the use of coloured metals as far as women rings are concerned. White gold, palladium and platinum weaved in between a thin but strong strip of contrasting coloured metal is something you should look for.

There will be a wide variety of pearl women rings in trend this year. Perhaps no other gem will offer as much variety in shape and styling as will be offered by pearl. From floral patterns to oval shaped stones a lot of pearl rings will be on offer. If you are looking out for the trendiest of pearl rings set in a bed of Topaz is something to watch out for. You can also try pearl rings which are set in black jade which is elegance exemplified.

If you are not interested in gems patterned rings will be a favourite throughout the year due to their versatility and variety. From the bold and strong looking engraved lines to complicated Celtic patterns women rings, patterned rings are among the hottest this year. Gold and platinum will again rule the market with coloured metal to be in trend. A lot of traditional and modern design will be the trend in the patterned women rings this year.


Brandi Jones is an expert jewelry designer with years of experience in designing women rings and women necklaces. Presently she works as a consultant for a few online jewelry stores.
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