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By: Imran Ali
Giving charm bracelets as a gift has become a tradition. Several times, from teen age to married life a woman receive charm bracelets. In old times these bracelets were given to a woman to rejoice her future. These bracelets are known as bracelets of lifetime and are also passed down to heirlooms for generations. When a mother passes her bracelet to her daughter as a gift or as a family heirloom, then her daughter can add her own charms in bracelet and may give it a different look. These charms may represent her beliefs, interests or favorite hobbies. Then daughter can also pass it down if it remains in a good condition.
Normally a woman receives her first charm that could be a flower or ballerina when she was young. And love token from her sweet heart in teen age. A jeweled mortarboard when graduated, a memento on school trip. And many more like the charms of wedding, engagement, home, children and so on.
After marriage she may travel to different countries for honeymoon. Charms may also describe the story of her honeymoon. For instance, small cruise ship may tell about islands or small Eiffel tower can explain a lot about weekend in France or small Disney cartoons tells about a tour to Disney land and many more other things around her wrist expose different visits.
Many women wear charms like small typewriter that shows that she is doing a job outside. Many wear small golf stick and ball, tennis racket and ball, which indicate that she is a sportswoman. Distinctive charms of artwork may signify that she is an artist. She also adds some charms only for the simple and beautiful look. Different people different ideas some wear two charms some wear 10 charms.
Collecting vintage charms has now become a new trend. Some people often wear single charm with bracelets or as a pendant out of their collection. They beautifully display their collections in tremendous shadow jewellery boxes or hang them in sparkling ribbons on boards, mirrors or frames. Vintage charms are beautiful to gift specially on weddings. For instance, a person can give a vintage charm to bride, which may represent one of bride’s interests. One can also gift charms on birthday of his or her child that may have some relevance to preceding year.
Huge variety is available nowadays for any season and any reason. Different people purchase many charm bracelets and buy numerous charms that create endless combinations. Charms are considered as a popular way to express uniqueness because two bracelets cannot be same at one time. Crafts, hobbies, sports related and work related charms are easy to search now. Animals and pets charms are also available these days.
Charm bracelets have also gained popularity among celebrities. Many celebrities are seen with their bracelets. Mostly are models so they use expensive pieces. They wear diamond embedded gold or platinum charm bracelets. The reputed jewelers and designers design those bracelets. They usually craft the base with gold or charms with platinum to give an exclusive look they use white diamonds on base and other colored gems on the end of charms, which actually becomes a universal piece. Celebrities normally buy hand made pieces. Pandora bracelet is an example; Pandora charm bracelets are authentically hand made and exclusively available in gold, sterling silver, platinum with gems like cubic zirconia, emeralds and pearls.
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