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By: Imran Ali
It is very important to care and look after Celtic jewellery and it requires some personal effort to take care and keep it in its prime condition. Some times the gemstones in your precious jewellery pieces lose their clarity by daily wearing, dust and pollution. The surface and edges of silver, gold, and platinum jewellery can become dulled and look spiritless. It is necessary that your Celtic pieces of jewellery should be looked after properly with proper care and attention. It is always recommend that your pious jewellery be professionally cleaned at least once a year that is necessary to maintain its clarity, beauty and elegance. By using some helpful tips your jewellery can last long.

Celtic categorized gold and platinum jewellery can be cleaned by a non-abrasive cleaner which will help to maintain your jewellery for decades. Regularly check your jewellery and its settings also make sure that jewellery is firmly tight and the clasps are secure or scratch less. Salt air and sulfur containing products, some types of paper, clothes and rubber bands, can cause quick tarnishing in Celtic silver jewellery. With the regular use of a non-abrasive silver polish silver jewellery may stay in real state. Secondly it is recommended that this type of jewellery always be placed or laid in a lined box, soft pouch and original case.

The celtic jewellery, which have precious diamonds must be stored safely and cleaned frequently after use. Many people wear pious jewellery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, But it is very important to provide care for it. Mostly diamonds are very sturdy and a tough blow that a normal housework can easily chip them therefore it is recommended that it must not be worn while doing rough work. During household tasks pious diamond jewellery must be kept away from chlorine bleach. Always store this type of jewellery in a box where other jewellery pieces cannot directly tangle with it.

Always try to clean celtic jewellery pieces with a soft cloth or smooth toothbrush and use some dishwashing detergent. Normally dishwashing detergents can easily cut through grease and sticky grime and to rinse off for a long time. These detergents can be used safely for cleaning any jewellery made of gold and silver and are not harmful for gems as well. Always use limewater with these detergents. Add some limewater in detergent powder and mix it for two to three times to make a suitable solution then soak the jewellery in it for several minutes. After sometime lift the jewellery out of that solution and rub the edges all the way around with a soft toothbrush then put the jewellery pieces back in the solution again and then let it dry on tissue paper or soft cloth. Do not use very warm water because that may loosen the setting of gems. There are many jewellery cleaner available in the market but select those cleaners which are suitable for specific metals and jewellery.

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