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By: Imran Ali
There are a lot of Celtic adornments that were used in past and some of them are still much popular. In past, Celts continued to produce jewellery after the criticism and hardships from Romans. Celtic jewellery is not only consisting on those jewellery pieces that we normally see on the local stores. The most common and famous Celtic adornments are Tiara, circlet, crown, Celtic rings, earrings, cross pendants and knot rings. To wear these adornments is not a fashion but tradition. Many people prefer to wear this jewellery. Celtic jewellery is considered as a protector that protects from evils and devils. It is considered as a symbol of nature in Ireland and Scotland and played vital role in religious ceremonies.

Celtic tiara is generally a semi-circular and antique looking band. It is usually made up of precious or semi-precious metals. It is normally found in different Celtic designs. Sometimes it is decorated with gemstones and colorful beads. It can be worn on head, or on the forehead like Circlet. It is often used to adorn head in weddings. The fictional character Wonder Woman in old films wore tiara, which also considered a weapon. A circlet is actually a holy crown without the curved pieces that is connected to a decorated ornament at the top and some times connected with the fabric cap attached with inside portion. This is the most famous and popular shape of crown used in rebirth fairs, weddings, rituals, and Celtic festivals and also in prime costumes. These days Tiaras are technically Circlets due to the attachment of chain in the back, which completes the circle. Celtic crowns are also very popular and available in multiple styles.

The most famous style of celtic jewellery is Celtic styled cross. Some Irish legends say that St. Patrick created the first cross. He made a circle over Latin cross. According to some Irish Catholics, the circle in the Celtic cross is a symbol of persistence of God’s love and symbolizes a halo emanating from Jesus Christ. The famous four "arms" of the Celtic cross stands for the natural elements (water, earth, fire and air). Some people believe that the cross also indicate the four directions of the compass but many other people believe that the four arms of a Celtic cross represent mind, soul, body and heart (means human existence).

Another famous style of celtic jewellery is Celtic knot and its complicated patterns and designs. Many people believe that the convoluted designs, intricate looping and curling in knots are a way to keep out evil spirits and evils. This jewellery denotes eternity, infinity of God’s love and interconnectedness. Many people say that these knots are the mystery of Almighty God. Different people have distinctive individual beliefs but still there is no proper, authentic and definitive meaning of these knots. Because of these beliefs and meanings Celtic jewellery is highly demanded.

If you are not yet satisfied to use this jewellery then you can do discussion with missionaries that wearing this jewellery is good or not.

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