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By: Imran Ali
The Pilgrim Jewellery is a company that was established in 1983 and has been providing unique and original fashion jewellery articles to their trusted customers located all over the world. The company is based in Denmark and has introduced many new concepts in jewellery making since its inception. You will find lovely bracelets, one-of-a-kind rings and gorgeous earrings in their collection. The articles are made of the finest Austrian Swarovski crystals, acrylic stones and freshwater pearls. The jewellery offered by Pilgrim is not very expensive because they use metal alloys coated with copper in place of solid gold and silver.

Pilgrim rings and bracelets are non-allergic as they are completely nickel-free. They are easy to wear and easy to handle. Many people across the globe love this type of jewellery because of its strength and longevity. Furthermore, the jewellery articles are available in a range of exciting colors including orange, violet, pink, green, blue and red. You can also find beautiful necklaces in unique designs with pendants and charms. Many of the jewellery articles are given particular themes to make them suitable to wear on special occasions. You will find shapes like butterflies, flowers, stars, bells, leaves and rocks in these articles.

One of the striking necklaces by Pilgrim Jewellery is the beautiful Green Organza Necklace. The necklace has been finished in sterling silver plate and can be bought for just $26. Antique silver plates are also used in this type of jewellery to make the articles look even more attractive. Another lovely necklace in this category is the Butterfly Necklace. This type of charming jewellery is loved by young girls. It can make an excellent gift for all occasions. 22k gold plated jewellery is also available in this category which looks lovely and expensive. However, it is totally affordable.

Pilgrim Jewellery also offers stunning bracelets and rings for women of all ages. These bracelets are composed of flowers and charms made of sterling silver and some other materials. The Rose Living Flower Bracelet is extremely beautiful and one-of-a-kind. It is 100% nickel free, finished in antique silver plate. Another popular and lovely design is the Cameo Bracelet by Pilgrim. This bracelet in silver can be matched with any kind of dress. It can be worn as a fashion accessory on parties and weddings. It can also be given as a lovely present to your loved one.

Pilgrim Jewellery is expressive of a sense of independence. You will notice in their designs the vibrant colors and bold patterns that are reflective of freedom and free will. They offer different themed jewellery for all seasons so that you can always stay up to date in the fashion lane. This type of jewellery is particularly loved by celebrities and famous people. You can find necklaces and rings in this category starting from as low as $24. Filigree gold earrings with matching necklaces can also be found which look truly magnificent. An enamel disc pendant with dangling ovals and a crystal is very beautiful. It is available for only $47 which is very reasonable for a unique and lovely designer necklace.

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