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By: Imran Ali
Fashion jewellery by popular designers is liked by many people all over the world. It is just another name for costume jewellery for both men and women designed for stage performances, concerts and plays. Although this type of jewellery is worn by celebrities, ordinary people also like to have something from this amazing and unique collection because it comes in a lot of cool designs and shapes. A lot of designers provide beautiful handmade necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings in this category. There are many styles of fashion accessories currently in use, such as stretch bracelets, chandelier earrings, chunky and multi-strand necklaces and stone rings.

Chunky and long necklaces are commonly worn as fashion accessories by stylish men and women. These necklaces are composed of large crystals and semi-precious gemstones and are quite inexpensive. One may find a beautiful necklace with black stones for as low as $12. Similarly, many other colors can be found in this category ranging from simple and elegant white and turquoise to vibrant orange and magenta. The best thing about this type of jewellery is that it is available in a huge variety and you can locate a piece that catches your eye easily and without much effort.

Fashion jewellery articles are great to be given as gifts. You can find unique items in this category like enhancer pendants, layered necklaces, prom bracelets and stone rings to give away as presents to the people you love. Gold-plated enhancer pendants for mothers and daughters are available as a set of two with the words ‘mom’ and ‘daughter’ engraved on them. These necklaces are available in the price range of $0-$24. A layered necklace with clustered beads and crystals in wonderful colors can also be selected as a gift for your loved one. These necklaces never go out of fashion as they look very attractive and beautiful.

Another exclusive design in the category of fashion jewellery is the prom bracelet. These bracelets are composed of pearls and cubic zirconias set in sterling silver or 18k yellow gold. Tennis and stretch bracelets can also be found in this class. You can find these lovely pieces of jewellery in the price range of $0 to $199. Bracelets by Xhilaration are particularly loved by young girls. These are trendy jewellery articles suitable for all occasions. You can find braided leather bracelets and faux jewel bracelets in this category at reasonable prices. Xhilaration necklaces and earrings are equally beautiful and unique.

Stone rings in fashion jewellery are liked by everyone. These rings are composed of large original gemstones such as garnet, turquoise, pink sapphire, jade, onyx, jasper and ruby. The rings can be easily matched with all kinds of outfits. Charm jewellery including life charm bracelets and tassle pendant necklaces are also very popular and well-liked. All these articles are reasonably priced so that all those fashion-conscious people can buy and use them according to the latest trends. You will find this type of jewellery in a range of colors and designs including special occasion jewellery and cubic zirconia jewellery.

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