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Author: parneljackson
If you prefer to have everything organic in your diet why leave out tea as you can now find the very popular mountain tea with the leaves being collected from the indigenous plant in Greece that grows in the natural environment in high altitudes of 1200 meters on the mountains of Pindos. The tea leaves are collected with respect to nature and following the woodland regulations and are only hand processed to preserve its aroma and best quality for you to enjoy the best flavor and the taste of the tea. You can find this mountain tea organic being offered by the best brand that takes care to satisfy the urban people who care for food quality and taste by collecting raw ingredients from the local producers and blending with exceptional delicacies by hand process with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives added to the products.

The brand takes great care in selecting fine quality offering a combination of gastronomic delight and high nutritional values that you can surely experience in the mountain tea organic. Moreover, the organic tea offers you the benefits of avoiding toxic chemicals in your tea and also protecting the environment following natural procuring methods of the tea leaves. This mountain tea organic is naturally free from caffeine containing low ratios of tannins and rich in flavonoids with essential oils that are generally used as a natural remedy for cold. The preparation of the tea is also pretty simple adding 5 to 6 stems in 250ml boiling water and set it for 3 to 4 minutes for the essentials to mix in the water. You can then add a drop of thyme honey that further enhances the taste and a stick of cinnamon, good brandy or a slice of lemon adds as a great accompaniment to further enhance the flavor of the organic mountain tea.

This organic mountain tea is available in 20 gm package costing around 3.50 pounds and there is also a gift pack with a the combination of honey that costs you around 16.80 pounds. Once you taste this wonderful tea there is no doubt that you cannot go back to your regular tea and would thoroughly enjoy the aromas and quality of the flavor that would instantly refresh you for an active lifestyle. You can place the order online and the product shall be delivered to your doorsteps on making the payment. You can also surely share your experience with others who would equally like to enjoy new organic tea flavors.

If you are searching for organic food products online, then you are at the right place. offers high quality pine honey, extra virgin olive oil, Greek feta cheese at affordable prices. For more details about organic pine honey, please visit

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