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By: hanna jones
Everything exists is having its sound or kind of music,but melody is the factor which differentiates between the music and the sound. Actually the sound is not having a direction,it just goes on its own way,but in contrast the music is the directional way to present the sound or if we want to comprehend through the generalized view, then the functional form of the sound directed by the musician.

If our daily routines we encountered by many sounds from the- automobiles, factory, and last but not least the different sounds coming from the crowd,and we used to ignore these voices from this tortuous regime, but the melodious voice is always strikes the cord in our minds, and changes our mood instantly. Music has the ability that it can switch the mood of the person according to the pertinent situation that it describe. Though music has no boundaries and it works on the same line of the harmony, but it has different genres which are- Jazz music , contemporary,trance, Edm and many more. Every genre is presented by playing different set of instruments by adept musicians who have an expertise in their respective art. The domain of the music is so large that it spreads in every nation in distinct from and in distinct languages. As the presence of so much of diversity, every nation has its own diverse culture,so their interest also. Some of the nations like Italy,which is the parent country from which the word famous music genre called jazz comes out, and most of the famous jazz musicians have also come from this country. On the other side,the country called India which is famous for the eminent diversity of music,where every region has its contribution in this area,you can predict that the extent of diversification to the extent that in a single nation,at present forty languages are being used in the different compositions of the music.

There was a time,when a lyricist writes lines of the song, musician compose the song and eventually a singer is single out who have the texture in the voice which suites the particular song. But now this is the time of band and country singers , where a group of people adept in different skills in producing the live effect for the audiences in live performance. The concept of live band gained its prominence among the people because the effect of live performance is quadruped in comparison with the studio performance which are mostly tedious.

Everyone musician always hankering for the performance he/she will going to present to live audiences. Apart from this the profession of musician is a highly respectable position,but it requires a music sense and years of dedicated training.

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