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By: overnight
One of the most important and essential things you must do as you begin YOUR NEW JOB IN online auctions is to establish a place where you can work and keep your "stuff". Few things will make business fail faster than not having a place where you can organize your references and auction materials. Having your workplace in a den or a home office where it is out of the way of daily living is an ideal situation, however not a requirement. If necessary, your workplace can be in your bedroom if it can be kept isolated and undisturbed from the other areas and activities in that room.

Making your workplace on your kitchen table is not a good solution, as you will have to setup and tear down your working area, which increases the likelihood of lost or misplaced information. This will lead to a lot of frustration for yourself and others who live with you. If you live alone, or have no other space this option can work in the short term, but the long term goal should be for a more secluded work area. Even if you do not have the ideal solution for your workplace right now decide on a place that you can use in the short term, and make long term plans for something more permanent.

Your workplace should have the following:

1. A computer, printer and a scanner.
2. A good camera, either digital or 35 mm.
3. A place for files, a small filing cabinet or filing draw with manila folders is ideal.
4. Desk space (this does not have to be a large space, just room to work).
5. Internet access.
6. Notebooks for keeping track of items, addresses and financial.
7.a great site to list and sell your items our suggestions are or
8. and a great forum to chat with other auction users and talk about ideas and sales like you can make online auctions a full time job with great income fast!!!!!

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