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By: Alisha Bhatt
Very rarely women go out without having their makeup and jewellery accessories. Men are also taking up certain types of ornaments and wearing stud earrings, hair bands, bracelets, armlets and the quintessential necklace. In the life in India, no occasion goes without a show of accessories, which are worn to the stylist trends of the recent times. Such styles keep on changing from period to period, but the concept of wearing ornaments and accessories remains same. In present day scenario, there has been significant change in the way the accessories and jewelleries are worn by women as well as men in some cases. While women have innumerable options in terms of jewellery items, the Indian artificial jewellery has garnered significant attention in recent times.

• Necklaces must in jewellery collections – Among the various jewellery items as options for women, the Indian polki kundan necklace sets are supposed to be in high demand. This is because the necklace goes as the standard ornamental accessory for all women. For married ladies, this is the most important jewellery, which is the reason for so much of focus on creating a beautiful, attractive and elegant jewellery set. In the kundan necklace, there are many varieties of semi-precious stones embedded within the background of gold or other alloy metals. Also, this particular type of necklace has suspended trinkets in large numbers, done uniformly throughout the length of the necklace. Such arrangements have given rise to the concept of polki sets, which also come with the corresponding jewelleries like earrings, fitted with pearls and even having gold and diamond.

• Choosing lightweight jewellery items for regular and comfortable use – For women, gold is not only a precious metal, but a mark of their womanhood. It is supposedly an element that can go along well with all the varieties of ornaments, making it possible to produce cheap Indian artificial jewellery for common use. Gold necklace with the kundan and polki embedment will make the ornament quite heavy and unsuitable for regular use. But, when the plating is in gold, and there are semi-precious stones embedded within, it will be of advantage for wearing on a daily basis. But, ladies like to keep a few varieties of the Indian polki kundan necklace sets, so that they can interchange them and wear for different occasions.

• Availability assured through sellers and manufacturers – Moreover, there are many manufacturers and sellers of Indian artificial jewellery, who are enticing the ladies for flaunting accessories with lots of options. These can be availed from online stores and local jewellery shops, at costs which are much less than the high priced precious stone and metal items. As a result, people have various options in front of them to pick up necklace sets with various other jewellery accessories and wear them to occasions of their liking.

Plenty of ladies have shown active interest in wearing the Indian polki kundan necklace sets, so that they look elegant and the ornaments have a show of their own. They add to the feministic beauty, with freedom for them to pick up sets as per their choices. Thereby, women are able to exercise their choices with freedom, as and when they feel like wearing their favourite jewellery items.

Alisha Bhatt is a ramp model. She has special longing for designer jewelry. During one of her recent project, she wore attractive Indian polki kundan necklace sets. She was really awestruck with this range of Indian Artificial Jewellery.For more information visit us:-

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