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By: Alisha Bhatt
Some Indian Wedding Jewelry is very expensive, like those made from gold, diamond or platinum. When planning to purchase some of these, you need to be very careful not to be duped. You may be willing to spend that hefty amount of cash, but you need to prepare well. There are many factors that one should consider when buying jewelry to ensure that what you are buying is indeed real. Unlike other items like clothes and equipment, a single piece of jewelry may be very expensive. It is possible that you plunge huge amounts of money into the wrong thing or if not careful you become easily gullible. So if you are planning of buying one it is prudent that you equip yourself with enough information regarding the specific type of jewelry you want to buy.

• You can decide to engage someone who knows better, but you have to be very careful with them because they may be just part of the network of duping people. Without sufficient information, you end up with some poor quality metal at the same time having poured out thousands of cash. For the case of diamond, the first thing you need to know is the 4C’s of diamonds; cut, color, clarity and karat. Each of these categories affects the price of the jewel differently. Knowing the specifications for given piece will help you determine what you want to spend your money on.
• Another important factor to consider the place you are purchasing the jewelry from. You must make sure it is a reputable dealer. While the local vendors may be easily accessible, their prices may be exaggerated. Some may also stock very limited range of jewelry. Before you put pen to paper and accept to buy, always take time to compare prices with other local retailers in order to come up with the best price. It is also important that they issue you with certificates and appraisals as these are a requirement with every purchase of such precious stones.
• The type of metal you are looking for also is another factor to consider. There are standards that are used to determine the value of the metal. There are various types of metals such as 14KT and 18KT white and yellow gold, silver and platinum. For instance, 14KT gold is more durable than 18KT which is considered to be more valuable. Interesting? Isn’t it? Well, the simple reason is that gold generally is considered a weak substance. More of it is used to make 18KT making it less durable. The 14KT is made using less gold hence making it the stronger of the two metals. Platinum is regarded as the most expensive and also most durable of all the metals. Jewelry made form silver is the most affordable. If you are thinking of purchasing accessories such as earrings or necklaces, 18KT gold is the best choice. This is because you are less likely to hit them against something. In you want a bracelet or ring, and then it should most preferably be 14KT or even platinum. It is very important for you to know and select the right metal type for the jewelry before you purchase it.

Take valuable time to do research about a particular business or company before deciding to purchase the jewelry. It is safe if you deal with companies that have in that business for long. Online trade for jewelry is also safe. There are Fashion Jewelry Online in India where you can find the jewelry you may be looking for. It is also important that you avoid pawn shops unless you are very sure with what you are doing.

Alisha Bhatt is a ramp model. She has special longing for designer jewelry. During one of her recent project, she wore attractive Indian Wedding Jewelry. She was really awestruck with this range of Fashion Jewelry Online in India. Visit us:-

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