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By: Imran Ali
In Egyptian jewellery one can see beautiful semi-precious gemstones and minerals set in pure gold and sterling silver. Since these stones come in different colors like blue, red, green, amber, turquoise, and yellow, the jewellery articles represent different concepts which these colors symbolize. We can find gemstones like amethyst, beryl, feldspar, garnet, lapis, opal and turquoise, among others in jewellery articles from the ancient Egypt. All these stones are unique and extremely attractive. Let’s find out what these stones symbolize in Egyptian rings, pendants, bracelets and other jewellery items.

Amethyst is a variety of quartz which comes in hues of purple and violet. It is a translucent stone and very beautiful. For Egyptians colors held magical characteristics and therefore they often used them as amulets and in lucky pendants and rings to bring good luck. In their folklore one can find various references to colors and gemstones for protection, healing, fertility and resurrection. These concepts are still fresh in the minds of those who love history and wish to be connected with that wonderful and magical time. Purple, the color of amethyst, represents wealth and royalty in Egyptian legends.

Garnet is a deep red or fiery red gemstone which was also used commonly in Egyptian jewellery. Red color is the symbol of power and energy. It represents blood and life as well as death. You can find lovely gold and silver rings and bracelets from Egypt complemented with beautiful garnets. These stones also come in many other colors such as yellow, orange, purple and brown. Some people also relate garnets to trust and faithfulness. You can find garnet jewellery in contemporary designs from Egypt. Cartouche rings are also sometimes adorned with this beautiful gemstone.

Lapis, or more commonly lapis lazuli, is a dark blue semi-precious gemstone which is often seen in Predynastic Egyptian jewellery. Turquoise and lapis scarabs are quite common in almost all types of jewellery articles. This wonderful stone is also carved into amazing shapes. Deep blue is representative of the night sky. It is used as a symbol for depth and purity in ancient jewellery articles. Lapis is an opaque stone which is often complemented with pure yellow gold. Opal and feldspar are green gemstones which represent happiness and delight. Other gemstones used in ancient jewellery articles include jasper, peridot, and olivine.

Turquoise is another opaque gemstone commonly used in the making of beautiful and unique Egyptian jewellery. The color this stone exhibits ranges from blue to green, just like the color of water. It represents joy, cleanliness and pleasure. One can find lovely Egyptian rings, pendants and bracelets in amazing colors and designs. These jewellery articles are handcrafted by skilled Egyptian artisans. The materials used are genuine and high quality. That is why jewellery articles from Egypt last for many years to come. White, yellow, blue, turquoise, purple, and red, all kinds of beautiful colors can be found in these one-of-a-kind jewellery articles. Check out the amazing collection of bangles, chains and earrings other than traditional pendants and rings to locate wonderful gifts for your loved ones.

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