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By: Aimee Witherton
Vintage jewelry has become a hot trend with many people, as they are going back to jewelry that can't be found today. There is a special beauty and uniqueness that vintage jewelry offers, and many people are realizing that jewelry of the past isn't replicated today. Many people are choosing to wear vintage jewelry because it is different. They appreciate the history behind the jewelry and the richness of the time period.

The are many types to choose from, and many eras in time to select from. Gorgeous Victorian jewelry has fancy and ornate designs. Bold Art Deco jewelry has geometric shapes and lots of big, stand out stones. Rhinestone jewelry has glitter and glitz for those who desire shiny bling. Haute couture jewelry from famous French and Italian designers offer fashion show pieces worn on the runway. Some vintage jewelry has become more valuable than fine jewelry in 14k gold or sterling silver of today's period.

The workmanship of vintage jewelry is appreciated because pieces were made by hand, locally, and not outsourced to another country. The jewelry was not cheaply made overseas. Nor did jewelry designers of yesteryear buy jewelry wholesale and sell it retail. Craftsmen made each piece. Many times each piece of jewelry was made by hand. Vintage jewelry is durable and has stood the test of time.

Vintage jewelry can be found today at antique stores. Morlena Vintage sells vintage and antique jewelry from top of the line estates all over the world. They are very particular about what their vintage jewelry store carries. Morlena Vintage guarantees authentic vintage and antique jewelry. They are experts in the field and have been dealing with antiques since 1987. Shop at Morlena Vintage for vintage and antique jewelry. Their jewelry store can be found at

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